Bond Adapt – World Class Staffing & Recruitment SoftwareBond Adapt Recruitment Software

OnDemand and OnDemand plus – delivered via the cloud (SaaS)

OnPremise – delivered via your server or hosted at your chosen location

Much more than a CRM system, Bond Adapt manages the entire permanent, temporary and contract placement cycle. Delivered via the cloud or your own server, Adapt is the central hub of all recruitment activity. 

Used by over 140,000 recruiters worldwide, Adapt is a solid, natural choice for start-up agencies through to global enterprises. Want to handle your own in-house recruitment? Adapt can do that too

Providing recruiters with all the tools they need to deliver the best service, make the most placements and earn the highest revenues, Adapt allows your business to focus on future growth with absolute confidence.

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Bond Adapt delivers a highly flexible, platform and database independent, web-based and multilingual system. Download the Bond Adapt brochure and find out how to transform your business today.

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10 Steps to Selecting Recruitment Software

It's no easy task to select staffing software for your agency. Make it easier with this paper outlining 10 steps to pick out the right software solution so you can drive your business' profitability.

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