Delivery & Hosting for AdaptUX Recruitment Systems

We offer a number of flexible deployment options for our recruitment systems; technically cutting-edge and carefully designed to fit the size, infrastructure and preferences of your business. Bond has the software delivery and hosting options to suit your requirements.

Bond’s SaaS (OnDemand) or configured SaaS (OnDemand plus) services provide a fully managed, outsourced contract covering all aspects of your server support and monitoring.  

Simply login and use AdaptUX wherever you have internet access.

Your valuable data is backed-up on multiple, secure environments, utilising ISO accredited security standards.  The numerous benefits these services bring to your business include:


OnDemand (SaaS) – delivered via the cloud


OnDemand plus (SaaS) – delivered via the cloud

OnDemand plus delivers all the benefits of Bond’s OnDemand service with additional flexibility:

Bond OnDemand – SaaS/cloud delivery that’s naturally fast, then accelerated

Many recruitment software providers claim their software is fast. We know ours is fast and we know why. For every AdaptUX OnDemand user, we continuously measure the speed of their system to tenths of seconds, and their user satisfaction levels to a scale based on the industry standard Apdex index. Driven by this real-time, real user information we have engineered Adapt for years to ensure the system is fast – by nature.

Then we accelerate it.

Our state of the art cloud acceleration technologies result in significantly faster response times and eliminate internet bottlenecks. Every time an AdaptUX OnDemand user clicks to run an action, we pick the optimal route between their workstation and our servers.

Buckle-up and let our consultants show you how fast AdaptUX OnDemand really is.

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OnPremise – via your on-site server or hosted at your chosen location

Bond’s OnPremise service gives you the ultimate flexibility; you may host the system on your own server or with a third party of your choice.

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