Adapt Employ – Case Management System 

Adapt Employ allows your teams to work better, smarter and increase productivity – your business saves costs and time.  Bond’s commitment to on-going research and development, backed up by significant annual investment, ensures you can focus on future growth with absolute confidence.

  • SaaS from Bond – Software as a Service deployment ensures your system is delivered quickly, reliably and non-intrusively within work programme timescales
  • Contract Management – visibility and review of KPIs and SLAs
  • Audit and Quality Assurance (QA) – checks quality and work delivery, action plan and case management notes
  • Financial Controls – relating to payment and claims
  • Case Management – build a profile of the job seeker
  • True Configurability – Fully configurable workflow and interface – Platform and database independent – Open integration platform
  • Multi-lingual and multi-currency (including non-Western characters)

To learn more about Bond Adapt Employ, complete the form to get in touch. 


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