Recruitment Software – Meeting Varied Requirements

Recruitment software is developing very fast and gaining new functionality all the time. If you are looking for a new system, it is important to choose configurable and flexible software which not only meets your current needs, but can also grow and expand with your company.

Bond AdaptUX fits the bill, it’s a powerful system which offers a wide range of options and can suit any size of company.

When choosing a new system, you will need to think about what your key requirements are. These will vary, depending on the sector you are operating in.

Recruitment Agencies

Staffing agencies will be looking for a software solution which offers high performance in a number of key areas, as follows.

AdaptUX software includes tools to provide all these types of functionality, saving time, streamlining processes and making your agency more competitive. As well as managing placements for permanent staff or those employed under a contract, it also offers a Temp Desk, with the ability to view all active temps and their schedules. 

At the core of the AdaptUX system is a state-of-the-art recruitment CRM database, through which it is simple to track and record all interactions with clients, prospects and candidates, as well as creating tasks to help develop your business. The software also offers powerful searching functionality, with the ability to quickly trawl the whole database, including emails and CVs. Live searching social media channels and job boards is another function which is valuable for agencies.

In-House Recruitment

Corporate recruiters also have a number of specific needs to bear in mind when choosing a recruitment software package.

AdaptUX meets all these requirements, making it the ideal solution for in-house recruiters as well as agencies. All our software is fully scalable, with high flexibility built in, so that it can be used by SMEs but also easily scaled-up to meet the demands of global enterprises.

Our intuitive web portal makes it simpler and quicker for candidates to apply, register and upload their CVs. Because it saves time and simplifies the process, this encourages more people to apply and means you are likely to have a better range of candidates to choose from. The software also enables the searching of CVs and other candidate records, so you can quickly and effectively screen applications.

AdaptUX Recruitment Software

AdaptUX software offers a large number of key advantages. These include reporting tools which quickly present data in the form of graphics and allow you to manage placements and candidates in real time, as well as configurable social media tools and LinkedIn integration. Our cloud-based software is accessible securely from wherever you are, so you can keep track of recruiting while on the move. For further details, click here to get in touch.

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