Introducing the ultimate User eXperience

We’ve streamlined and accelerated the power of Adapt, providing the ultimate user experience and enabling recruiters to work from one screen for maximum efficiency and productivity. The video below gives a quick look at the new AdaptUX menu system and shows how opportunities and workflows can be progressed in just one click.

Find out how Bond researched, developed and delivered the ultimate recruitment software user experience with AdaptUX. Bond’s Chief Technical Officer, Daniel Richardson and Head of Product Development, Rob Hayesmore share the story behind the system in a series of highlights from their AdaptUX launch interview.

AdaptUX – User interface created for optimum experience

Bond’s Chief Technical Officer, Daniel Richardson and Head of Product Development, Rob Hayesmore, discuss the in-depth market research Bond undertook to find out exactly how recruiters interact with recruitment software – and how the results helped design the AdaptUX user interface.

AdaptUX – Fast and intuitive system navigation

Rob Hayesmore and Daniel Richardson explain how key information (such as client, candidate and job records) is now presented within AdaptUX; and how the faster and more intuitive system navigation delivers an immersive user experience for maximum recruiter efficiency.

AdaptUX – Full visibility of records with live data previews

Rob Hayesmore and Daniel Richardson discuss how AdaptUX presents information in a way which feels more natural to the eye. They also explain how live data previews can save recruiters time and how AdaptUX ‘fly-outs’ deliver quick links to LinkedIn profiles.

AdaptUX – Fully integrated task and diary management with smart notifications

Rob Hayesmore and Daniel Richardson discuss the fully integrated task and diary management system within AdaptUX, and how this information is presented to recruiters in the most effective ways; including real-time smart notifications alerting users to new business opportunities.

AdaptUX – Even faster SaaS/cloud delivery speeds

Rob Hayesmore and Daniel Richardson discuss why recruitment software speed is so important to recruiters; and how AdaptUX has been developed and optimised to operate quickly via Bond’s SaaS/cloud hosting and delivery service – with cost savings passed on to clients too!

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