Recruitment Software & Staffing Software Data Migration

Data Migrations can be a challenging task and we understand how important it is for our clients to seamlessly migrate their legacy data into Adapt. To ensure this happens, Bond employs talented resources with years of experience to help our clients migrate their data.

Data Migration Options

Simple Data Migration

If you have a very small amount of data to transfer then you may be eligible for a simple data transfer.  You will need to provide a single CSV file or Excel file for Bond’s data transfer engineers to evaluate and they will check to make sure the file is suitable.  

Advanced Data Migration

Bond Adapt provides 3 increasingly comprehensive data transfer levels.  Level 1 includes main Candidate details (including contact details and a CV), Client details and Contact details.  Level 2 then adds Job details, Assignments and Work histories.  Level 3 then adds Shortlists and Interviews. All 3 levels allow for record card events and notes to be added to the records being imported.

Bespoke Data Migration

Bond Adapt offers a bespoke data transfer should the data you need importing not fit into one of the other options. We will work with you to identify the fields that need importing, including whether additional fields need to be added to store the data.  


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