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Delivered via the cloud or your own server, Adapt is a powerful staffing and recruitment software system. Adapt manages the entire placement cycle, simplifies processes and provides consultancies of all sizes with cutting-edge tools; enabling recruiters to be as effective as possible and gain the competitive advantage. Adapt comprehensively manages all permanent, temporary (staffing) and contract recruitment processes.   

Permanent Recruitment Software

Adapt manages the entire permanent recruitment cycle.

Business development, leads and CRM: Our leading-edge staffing software system makes it simple to keep track of all job leads, using real-time dashboards, and ensures you have all the information you need about candidates, clients and prospects. 

Candidate sourcing and creation: Using accurate searching and matching technology, Adapt helps you to draw candidates from a wide range of sources, including social media and many different job boards. 

Advanced CV parsing tools: Built in functionality simplifies importing CVs into the CRM, while extracting information and making it accessible for searching and analysis. 

Job management: You can see full details of jobs, vacancies and candidates via the software, enabling you to keep track of the whole recruitment process. 

Searching: Finding precisely the information you want is quick and easy through Adapt, whether it is via CVs, online job boards or social media. All searches are archived automatically.  

Shortlisting and CV tracking: Our state-of-the-art search tools mean you can search all of your prospective candidates from a single access point, while choosing those to shortlist is fast and simple too.

Interview management: Adapt software tracks the progress of candidates throughout the interview process.

Placement management: Our user-friendly tools enable consultancies to manage the whole placement process effectively.

Aftercare: Flexible and efficient functionality for completing paperwork and other processes when a candidate starts a new position. 

Reporting: Adapt’s reporting tools feature informative graphics. The financial implications of every placement are analysed, including salaries and fees, and revenues both now and in the future.

Compliance: Our software provides the support you need to ensure compliance with Agency Workers Regulations (AWR) legislation. Qualifying periods, rates of pay and administration are all taken care of.

AdaptUX Perm Desk

Perm Desk with Adapt Studio tool (right), allowing individual users to easily design their own dashboard layouts. Users may also select their own preferred window colours (red in this example). 

Temporary and Staffing Recruitment Software

Adapt manages the entire temporary/staffing recruitment cycle; all the above Perm features, plus:

Manage long-term temporary assignments: Adapt has all the functionality required to keep track of staff during a long-term placement, with access to all the data needed.

Short-term and shift pattern recruitment: This particularly applies to the education and medical sectors, where staff are often needed at short notice to cover particular shifts.

Drag and drop shift scheduling tool: Manage all the candidates you have available quickly and efficiently via our powerful tool, ensuring all shifts are filled.

‘Quick book’ action: Quickly create a job and book a temp candidate into the vacancy from one workflow

Rates management/payroll: Our reporting tools can be used to provide full salary details for all your candidates and meet all regulatory requirements, alerting you when a rate needs to be raised.

Comprehensive rates matrix: Full data about every job that a recruiter is working on, including salaries and fees.

Generated/forecasted revenue margins: Calculate and track revenues and margins, with forecasts based on actual data.

AWR compliant: Adapt helps agencies employing temporary staff to ensure they comply with AWR legislation, providing enhanced reporting functionality and monitoring qualifying periods.

Time-sheeting management (including online): Our cloud recruitment software enables e-timesheets to be generated easily and accurately.

Contract Recruitment Software

Adapt manages the entire contract recruitment cycle; all the above Perm and Temp/Staffing features, plus:

Contract generation: All necessary information can be easily included in a contract, including a clear end date.

PAYE and Limited Company: If candidates will be taxed under PAYE or employed by a limited company, Adapt has all the tools necessary to ensure the right procedures are followed.

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