Recruitment ReportingRecruitment Reporting

Adapt delivers powerful business intelligence and management reporting tools via smart graphical displays. 

Management: Win the Numbers Game.

What keeps you up at night about your agency? Probably the everyday key performance metrics of your operation. Bond Adapt staffing software for staffing and recruitment agencies is far more than a superb tool for recruiting, sales, payroll and invoicing.  This staffing and recruitment software solution is a complete management tool that takes the raw numbers of activities, orders, fills, placements, and more and enables you to see them in ways to help you effectively manage your agency.

Forecasting and Reporting/your pipeline

Each job you are working on captures salary, rate and fee details. Dashboards and reports deliver real-time views of the value of your pipeline placements and temp workforce.

You may also accurately report, over any date range, on forecasted or generated revenues from placements made. Adapt also enables you to assign potential fees and salaries and forecast revenues and cash flow.

AdaptUX KPI Dashboard

Adapt KPI Dashboard – Activity vs. Target screen with Google Charts integration.

Comprehensive suite of reporting tools, allowing you to quickly and easily find, measure and graphically display key information, including:

  • Permanent job activity
  • Temporary/Staffing job activity
  • Contract job activity
  • Compliance reporting
  • Business development reporting (including leads)
  • Performance/activity reporting
  • Activity analysis
  • Candidate sources analysis
  • Forecasted/generated revenue
Activity Analysis Report Screenshot

Activity Analysis report extract.

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