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Advanced recruitment CRM features

Easily manage lead, prospect, client and candidate relationships. Adapt’s foundation is an advanced CRM (Client Relationship Management) database enabling comprehensive prospect, client and candidate tracking, alongside a host of tools to drive new business development.

Adapt’s advanced recruitment CRM system stores and records all prospect, client and candidate interactions and allows you to effectively search and report on this information.  Real-time dashboards ensure all valuable information is easily accessible and opportunities are never missed.

AdaptUX Candidate Record

Adapt candidate record with active CV preview.

Call Logging and Forward Call Setting

As well as recording all contact information, you can set reminders for forward call dates and times.  This enables you to effectively manage a large database of prospects, never miss a future contact date and create business development lists. You can forward calls, create tasks, and manage everything from your dashboards in Adapt Studio, through the Adapt Outlook Add-in integration or Gmail Google Chrome Extension.

AdaptUX Lead Generation

Effective lead generation.

Leads and Lead Tracking

Adapt enables you to create and track leads and opportunities.  

Real-time recruitment CRM dashboards allow you to easily view and track all your active Perm, Temp or Contract leads.

Permanent Leads

Temp Leads

AdaptUX Perm Candidate Search

AdaptUX permanent candidate search results with active document (CV) preview.


It’s simple to create client and business development lists within Adapt. Search criteria can include: last date contacted, last visit, last update and client status (easily differentiating between existing clients and new prospects). Adapt has the functionality to run batch workflows from a search result list and send bulk emails and SMS text messages to a list of contacts. Adapt personalises each message so you can send hundreds of messages that read like you’ve only sent one. Bulk mail shots can also be distributed.

Forecasting and Reporting your pipeline

Each job you are working on allows you to add salary and fee details, enabling you to view the value of your pipeline placements on dashboards or reports. You may also accurately report, over any date range, on forecasted or generated revenues from placements made. Adapt also allows you to assign potential fees and salaries and forecast revenues.

Adapt contains a comprehensive suite of reporting tools, which allows you to quickly and easily find, measure and graphically display key information, including:

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