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Recruit on the move with Bond’s mobile recruitment app, InTouch

Adapt InTouch is a dedicated application for iPhone and optimised web application for Android and BlackBerry.

Bond Adapt InTouch combines mobile devices with market-leading recruitment software – enabling you to quickly access your data, run workflows and effectively recruit on the move. Staying in touch and working with Adapt has never been easier.

Watch a video of the app in action, then scroll down for more information on features and functionality.

InTouch Mobile App.

Transform the service you provide by utilising the numerous features within Adapt InTouch for client meetings; from using a hyperlink to get a map and directions, to accessing your full Adapt candidate database. You may record in-depth information on the spot (without the need to do further admin upon returning to the office) or run live candidate searches and instantly present results to your client.

Customise your recruitment app workflow screens to suit your business needs and stay up-to-date wherever you are.  Log notes, make calls, send text messages or email directly from your device or via the Adapt server.

Key Features of Bond Adapt InTouch:


Search and Interact

Tasks and Diary


Management Information



Easy Configuration Tool

Experience the freedom of mobile recruitment – Bond Adapt InTouch FactSheet.

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