Candidate Searching and Sourcing Software

Searching and SourcingPowerful Searching & Sourcing with Bond Adapt

From clients and candidates to CVs and email, everything in Adapt is searchable. Quickly access key information, find important matches and fill vacancies with maximum efficiency.

Adapt’s sophisticated searching and matching tools enable you to search all of your potential candidate sources from a single point.  Live search your entire Adapt database, multiple job boards and social media (including LinkedIn) simultaneously. Tracks source, time and consultant when job board search results are loaded into Adapt.

Search and source from online job boards and Social Media. All searches are automatically saved, providing lists and custom reports for re-search and review. Searching has never been easier or more productive with Bond’s range of searching and sourcing tools.

bond-adapt-fast-find-search results Fast Find

Available on every screen, Fast Find is Adapt’s quick look-up, Google-style search bar. Results are listed instantly and you may hover your cursor over records to expand them and run workflows. 

bond_adapt_document_search-219Document Search

Search any document, anywhere in the Adapt system – if someone has typed it, you can find it! Search the text within all documents, including PDFs. Results are weighed, displaying the number of results for each search field. Document Search uses the same logic as Google search.

bond_adapt_home_quick_find_search-300Home Quickfind Search

Select pre-defined criteria to quickly navigate to critical information. Refine your search results,  change the display fields / order of the search results and drill down to the candidate record.



bonbd-adapt-saved-search-resultsSaved Search

Save any Adapt search.  Recruiters can access common searches with one click, creating talent pools, lists and custom reports for re-search and review.



bond-adapt-active-search-300Active Search – Automatic alerts

Save time and effort by instructing the Adapt system to automatically run (and re-run) a Saved Search and provide automatically updated results. Adapt alerts advise of newly discovered results and update ‘talent pools’. Save time by setting the frequency of searches. Never miss a good opportunity!


adapt-insight-304x1001-300x99Adapt InSight

Adapt InSight is designed specifically for recruitment professionals who need immediate and accurate search results. The powerful and quick contextual search functionality understands meaning and sentence structure held within text such as job specifications or CVs, and delivers a far more intelligent way of searching to produce reliable results. Read more on Adapt InSight.

Australia Street ViewGoogle Search

Google search candidates and clients directly from Adapt.

Google Maps Integration – View the candidate’s location in relation to the job on Google Maps.


SMSSMS – Individual and Batch

SMS marketing tool to reach & engage with your customers and candidates. The simple-yet-powerful platform allows you to send & schedule SMS text messages in seconds to individuals or batch processed. SMS can be tracked and full delivery reports can be instantly viewed and downloaded.


Review, Refine and ActionReview, Refine and Action

Having utilised the powerful search tools available within Adapt, you may review and refine to easily create accurate shortlists. Run workflows directly from your search shortlists. Batch email or SMS text message shortlisted clients or candidates. Copy and share search results.

Read more on Review, Refine and Action.

PartnershipSearch Partners and Integrations

Advanced searching and matching tools enabling you to search all of your potential candidate sources from a single access point. Search Partners and Integrations include Broadbean Search Text Kernel, Daxtra, Burning Glass.


PartnershipParsing Partners and Integrations

Powerful CV parsing instantly creates new candidate records within Adapt.

Bond CV parsing partners include Broadbean, Daxtra and Burning Glass.


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