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Find more relevant candidates with intelligent contextual searching and matching

Built upon HP IDOL technology, Adapt InSight is designed specifically for recruitment professionals who need immediate and accurate search results. With contextual search functionality far superior to traditional free text and structured searching, Adapt InSight ‘understands’ documents and text stored within the Adapt system, identifies matches and scores their relevance. Valuable information is instantly made more accessible.

Adapt InSight has the capability to search across raw unstructured data and documentation, including free text notes held within Adapt records. The powerful and quick contextual search functionality understands meaning and sentence structure held within text such as job specifications or CVs, and delivers a far more intelligent way of searching to produce reliable results.


Technology that understands what you are looking for

Adapt InSight (powered by Autonomy) understands the placement of words and the context of whole sentences, enabling you to search upon multiple word phrases. Effectively this means a job specification or a CV can be used as the actual search criteria to find corresponding matches. This search functionality is a revolutionary addition to Adapt’s structured data searches and free text keyword searches, adding a powerful new dimension to a recruitment professional’s armoury.

Adapt InSight has the intelligence to identify and learn from links and placements made between records so it is continuously and automatically adapting to changes and evolution in business practice. During a candidate skills search, for example, Adapt InSight highlights relevant sections of text in appropriate applicant records in Adapt and displays the candidate’s CV so the recruiter has everything they need at their fingertips.

Extract maximum value from candidate data with minimal effort

The searching and matching process can also be run from a job specification within Adapt rather than searching with a key phrase. Adapt InSight intuitively suggests a list of appropriate candidates to suit a specific job vacancy.

Adapt InSight - Search from Candidate CV

Run an InSight search using a candidate’s CV to find other candidates just like them.


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