Social Media RecruitmentSocial Media Recruitment

Adapt provides a number of sophisticated social media recruitment tools and integrations, carefully designed and chosen to maximise your potential candidate sources.


LinkedIn IconLinkedIn Integration

Bond’s partnership with LinkedIn delivers seamless Bond Adapt and LinkedIn integration for the most powerful recruitment functionality possible. 

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Bond Adapt outlook-addin-logo

Outlook Add-in Social Media

Social media connectors built into the Adapt Outlook Add-in bridge the gap between social media profiles and your Adapt database, without ever leaving your Outlook Inbox. Browse social media content and link social media profiles to associated records in Adapt (including LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook).

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Using Google Alerts as a Recruiter

Google Search

Google search candidates and clients directly from Adapt.





DaxtraDaXtra Social Media Integration

A sophisticated searching and matching tool which enables you to search all of your potential candidate sources from a single access point.  You may live search your Adapt database, CVs, business networks, multiple jobs boards and social media (including LinkedIn) simultaneously.  DaXtra also offers a simple and intuitive CV parsing system to create candidate records within Adapt.

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BroadbeanBroadbean Social Media Search

Broadbean is the global leader in job distribution and candidate sourcing technology. Broadbean solutions are built by recruiters, for recruiters, and they all focus on saving time, driving efficiency and helping companies to optimise their advertising to ensure the best possible results.

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