Accounting, Payroll and General Ledger Integration

Bond Adapt partners with industry experts in payroll and management accounting to deliver a seamless integrated back office solutions (Payroll, General Ledger, PAYG, Onboarding, background or credit checks).

Many front office system need to link to a variety of payroll and other back office packages, some of which may be legacy systems with fixed format interfaces.  The ability to encompass any kind of integration and interface requirement ranging from the obsolete to the very latest technology is crucial.  

Adapt version 11’s industry standard structure enables any third party applications or services to be seamlessly integrated, to the extent that in some cases the user may well be unaware that they are actually using a third party piece of functionality embedded within Adapt.

Bond Adapt enables third party software to integrate with Adapt – other applications can simply ‘bolt on’ without the need for further configuration.

Adhoc Reports



Payroll Integration Reports




Seamless Integration

Dynamics GP 2010

GL Integration Reports




Payroll and GL Integration Reports




Payroll Integration Reports


GL Integration Reports

Work Control Report


Please see our partner list for details of third party solutions currently integrated with Adapt, no matter which hosting solution is being used.

Contact us if you have questions about possible configuration work.  

Please see our developer website for more details.

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