Recruitment Web Portal – Candidate Registration, Job Search and Online Timesheets

Fully interactive web portal connecting recruiters and candidates via effective online candidate registration, job searching and application – saving time and expanding talent pools.

The Adapt Recruitment Web Portal gives recruiters the tools to stay ahead in the ever-changing online recruitment market. Expertly designed to seamlessly fit into existing recruitment agency websites, the web portal interfaces with Adapt in real time and provides an easy-to-use online portal for recruiters and candidates. 

Candidate Registration and Job Search

Safe and secure online registration instantly creates new candidate records within your Adapt database – with CVs and job applications attached – streamlining the recruitment process and expanding your talent pools for further searching and shortlisting. The web portal enables recruiters to select which jobs appear within the Job Search on their website and receive details of candidates who have applied. In turn, candidates may register their details, submit CVs and search and apply for jobs.

Key features and benefits:

Recruiter portal

Candidate portal

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Recruitment Web Portal – eTimesheets

Adapt can integrate with your website for candidate and client self-service including job application and timesheet submittal/authorisation.

More eTimesheets

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