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Broadbean is the global leader in job distribution and candidate sourcing technology. Broadbean solutions are built by recruiters, for recruiters, and they all focus on saving time, driving efficiency and helping companies to optimise their advertising to ensure the best possible results.

Job Distribution: Better known in Broadbean as Aplitrak, this allows you to post your jobs on to all your paid for job boards, social media channels and even your own company website (once it’s been integrated) all from one place.  As a result of the seamless integration with Bond Adapt, all of this can be done from within the Bond Adapt environment adding even greater efficiency to the process and delivering the ultimate user experience.

Search: With the ability to search across external job boards and social channels as well as your own internal data captured via Aplitrak, Broadbean offer a truly all-encompassing search offering. Their latest search tool has been completely re-built to ensure the experience is the same as being on the job board itself but with many additional features such as watchdogs, longlists, and a full audit trail showing which consultant has viewed which candidates and when, saving them huge amounts of wasted time. Search is integrated in to the latest version of Bond Adapt (V11.9.2) allowing for direct shortlisting against the original job record, again driving further efficiency and improving the user experience at desk level.

Capitalise on the money already spent building your most valuable business asset by utilising CVs already on your database!


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