2015 set to be the busiest year yet for recruiters

Posted by Adapt Newsroom | February 5, 2015 |
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2015 set to be the busiest year yet for recruitersRecent research hailed Tuesday 13th January as the biggest day on record for recruitment in 2015. The survey carried out by recruitment agency The Candidate, found that more people were likely to consider their career options in the digital sector on the 13th than any other day of the year. 

The majority (61% per cent) of those asked said their main reason for seeking a new job on this day was a result of reassessing their lifestyles after the Christmas period and wanting a new challenge in 2015. Nearly a fifth also wanted a change in career because of a New Year’s resolution (19 per cent).

2015 is set to be the ‘Year of the Candidate’. Not only are more candidates looking for a job change – our last blog looked at how this year will see a third of workers looking to move – but the burgeoning economy is increasing both confidence, as shown by the research from The Candidate, and job opportunities. The power is most definitely in the hands of the candidate.

With so many paths to utilise – including job boards, social media, mobile and websites – the candidate will set the pace. As candidates become ever more demanding and selective, recruiters must ensure they have both the technology and recruitment strategy in place to appeal to them in the right way.

Using the correct channels and having the information on hand to immediately support candidate expectations of fast, relevant turnaround – recruiters must ensure that they are appealing to candidates on the candidate’s terms in order to win the race.

In future blogs, Bond Adapt will continue to look into how recruiters can ensure they are serving the candidate, offering them the best opportunities and utilising systems to their full potential.

Look out for more blogs from Bond Adapt on the ‘Year of the Candidate’ and how recruiters can maximise their placements this year. 

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