7 Cool Google Chrome Extensions for Recruiters

Posted by Megan Walker | January 27, 2015 |
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I don’t know about you, but I tend to have a lot of ‘stuff’ open on my computer at any given time. If you are using web browser-based recruitment software, you probably don’t want to be moving away from it too often. That’s why I love Google Chrome. You can add extensions to your browser and make life a little easier!

The following are extensions I use on a daily basis. Keep in mind that these are created by various companies and can sometimes break or get a bit clunky. The beauty is, you can always remove one and probably find something similar. These are some of my favourites. Simply click the name of the extension to add it to Google Chrome.

1. Klout 

If you are using Social Media as part of your recruitment efforts, extra points for you! Do you know your Klout score? Do you know what a Klout score is? Klout is a website and mobile app that uses social media analytics to rank its users according to online social influence via the “Klout Score”. The score is a numerical value between 1 and 100. Currently Barrack Obama has the highest score with 99, followed by Justin Bieber coming in at 95. Your score is based on how influential you are to others on line, based on the various social media sites you interact on, how often, and who is viewing and sharing your content.

Adding the Klout extension displays users’ scores when viewing Twitter through your browser. Those with a high score may be good to follow if they Tweet about your industry or area of expertise. Could be extra helpful if you are looking to fill a marketing or social media position. Take a look at your own score too…


2.  Riffle by CrowdRiff

Next to the Klout score above, you will see a colourful little arrow. This comes from our next Twitter related extension, Riffle by CrowdRiff. Clicking on the arrow opens a new panel on the right hand side of your browser with further information about the Twitter user. Some can be gathered directly from their profile of course, but you can also find links to other social media profiles, how many Tweets, followers, the number they are following and more useful information. Great for a quick look as you are searching through Twitter.



3. Profile Views: Saved Who Viewed My LinkedIn

I really like the premise of this one, but haven’t been using it long enough to properly rate it. This extension saves a list of everyone who has viewed your LinkedIn profile. It’s really handy to click on instead of logging in to LinkedIn to check it out. It’s also handy if you don’t want all of the e-mails from LinkedIn, but still want to know when your profile is being viewed. I have seen people listed twice, so it seems to have a slight glitch, but still great to know if a candidate or client has been taking a peek! 



4. LinkedIn Booster – InBooster

This extension has three features. First, when viewing someone’s profile in LinkedIn, if they have 500+ connections, you can see the exact number. However, rather than 500+ being a hyperlink to the connections section, you will now have to scroll down to that specific area on their profile. Not a big deal though. 



Next, you have the Profile View History. Clicking on the orange ‘bo’ button from the top of your browser will deliver this dropdown. From here you can see all the recent profiles you have viewed within LinkedIn. Very helpful if you have been viewing possible candidate profiles and can’t quite remember which one you were about to follow up with.



The last item is the ability to bookmark stories and news articles while in LinkedIn. If you don’t have time to read them, click the button for later reading. Clicking on the Bookmarked Stories from the ‘bo’ button at the top of Google Chrome lets you find these stories to read at your leisure. Great for keeping up with recruitment industry related articles.  



5. HubSpot & 6. Buffer

These two are pretty similar, so I would suggest using just one. I have used Buffer in the past, but currently use HubSpot for our company blog. You don’t have to pay for either and both are quick and simple to use. Sharing content on your social media sites is important to stay relevant and keep conversations flowing. If you are anything like me, you will find something and intend to share, but forget, or perhaps it’s not the right time. Adding either of these extensions makes it easy.



When on a page you wish to share, simply click on the extension button. An overlay screen will appear where you can decide which social media profile to share it to, and structure what you wish to say. You can also determine WHEN it goes by scheduling a specific time. This lets you have a good flow of content at set intervals, rather than flooding your profiles all at once. It also means you don’t have to log in to your different sites, just post directly from Google Chrome.



7. Social Analytics

Do you write articles for your company’s blog? Want to see how they are performing? The very helpful Social Analytics extension displays social statistics for the page you are currently viewing. It will show you Likes, Shares, Comments and Tweets. This can also be used for seeing how often jobs you have posted online are being shared.



How many do you think you might use? They are so quick and easy to install, it’s worth trying some of them out. Do you already have your own favourites? Let me know in the comments below. I am all about trying out new Google Chrome Extensions!

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Megan Walker
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