Attracting the Smarter Candidate when Recruiting

Posted by Adapt Newsroom | April 22, 2015 |
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SmarterThumbWith predictions of 2015 being the ‘Year of the Candidate’ so far proving correct, how can recruiters attract the right talent when looking to fill roles? As competition in the recruiting market hots up, our latest eBook takes a look at how recruiters can attract smarter candidates.

To say that interest in new jobs is increasing in 2015 is an understatement:

Candidate numbers are growing.

More candidates are keen to shake off the years of fear and uncertainty regarding job security and are ready to make a move.

Employers are more confident about the economic outlook and willing to recruit.

But is it all positive news for the recruitment industry? In the ‘Year of the Candidate’ the challenges for recruitment companies are very different:

Every job is advertised on social media – so where is the recruiter’s added value?

Employers want to get hold of the right candidate as quickly as possible – how can recruiters improve their responsiveness?

The onus is on recruitment agencies to stand out from the crowd. In this eBook, we outline the increasingly essential ways to create strong, long-term candidate relationships.

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