Is AdaptUX On The Cloud?

Posted by Shane Wheeler | May 26, 2015 |
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cloud_computingIn just a few short years, cloud/Software as a Service delivery of recruitment software has gone from a revolution to an accepted standard within the industry. Most, if not all, software providers now offer this service, but as Shane Wheeler, Marketing Communications Executive, Bond International Software explains, not all cloud delivery services are created equal…

“Everyone offers cloud, box ticked.”

Yes and no. Yes, the vast majority of recruitment software companies provide their systems online, but don’t tick that box and move on just yet! There are a number of cloud delivery types, offering recruiters vastly different levels of configuration, security and speed. It makes sense to look beyond the hype and buzzwords and be aware of all the facts.

Bond offer ‘True Cloud’ and MORE

That’s right, ‘True Cloud’ and more, but let’s wind back a little. In recent times, the buzz-terms ‘True Cloud’ and ‘True SaaS’ have caught-on throughout the industry and formed a general perception of “True Cloud is the best”. But what is ‘True Cloud’? Disappointingly, the word ‘True’ in ‘True Cloud’ doesn’t actually mean anything. The truth is – Cloud is cloud. But there are two very different cloud delivery models for providing software: Multi-tenant and Single-tenant.

Multi-tenant is the model sometimes known as ‘True Cloud’. Via Multi-tenant services all users access the same version of the software and share a single code base and database. Many recruitment companies have their recruitment software system and data neatly slotted into one server bank. Imagine your system is a self-contained flat, built to your requirements, within a pretty big tower block. There are great benefits to this model – a cost-effective standard system and everyone receives updates at the same time. Most recruitment software providers only offer Multi-tenant systems, coining the term ‘True Cloud’ to give the impression this is the best and only way.

Via Single-tenant services, users access their own version of the software, via their own cloud hosted server. Imagine your system is a luxurious detached house, built to your specifications, with the freedom to add a conservatory or a swimming pool. Very few providers offer single-tenant services, Bond do and we call it OnDemand plus. More than ‘True Cloud’, OnDemand plus offers cloud delivery with additional benefits including bespoke configuration, flexible upgrades…you name it.

“Interesting, but how secure is AdaptUX on the cloud?”

Recruitment data security is important, seriously important. Most software providers deliver functionality such as restricting data access (by user or user group) and audit trails to identify data misuse, as standard. And so they should.

Here at Bond, we demonstrate our commitment to security in a number of measurable and provable ways. We believe in stopping information misuse before it happens. For several years, we have invested a substantial chunk of our research and development budget in penetration testing. We regularly hire third-party security experts to attempt to break into the AdaptUX online infrastructure.

Penetration testing is designed to identify any weakness in our system that could be exploited either externally via a web portal or by those with legitimate access attempting to read forbidden data. Importantly, we typically change our penetration testing company every two years, to ensure tests are new and do not refer to any previous results. This ensures very high security levels within every new release of AdaptUX. If you would like to see the results of our penetration tests, just ask.

Bond has also achieved a number of ISO accreditations, including ISO 27001 (Information Technology Security Techniques) which demonstrates the security of our day to day operational processes.

“Sounds good, but how fast is AdaptUX?”

Many recruitment software providers claim their cloud delivery is fast. We are different in that we have the facts to back up that claim.

Bond partner with Dynatrace, a leading APM (Application Performance Management) provider and their system enables us to monitor and measure the performance of AdaptUX OnDemand. For every individual user, we continuously measure the speed of their system to tenths of seconds, and their user satisfaction levels to a scale based upon the industry standard Apdex index.

Driven by this real-time, real user information we have engineered AdaptUX for years to ensure the system is fast – by nature. Then we accelerate it.

Our state of the art cloud acceleration technologies (powered by our partner Akamai) result in significantly faster response times and eliminate internet bottlenecks. Every time an AdaptUX OnDemand user clicks to run an action, we pick the optimal route between their workstation and our servers.

A number of recruitment software providers accelerate their cloud delivery with systems such as Akamai, but building the actual software for speed cannot be done overnight (or with one new release), this takes years of work. Work that Bond has done and continues to do.

“I’ll take a look…”

If you would like to see how AdaptUX could support your business via flexible and robust cloud delivery, you may book an online demonstration here.

Our ‘Demystifying Saas’ eBook digs deeper into the area of SaaS delivery models, you can download it here.

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Shane Wheeler
From 1997, Shane was an Account Manager for a global broadcast monitoring company, providing services to the marketing and PR industries. Shane’s career at Bond began in 2010 as a Business Development Manager for Bond Adapt. Shane moved to the Bond Adapt marketing team in 2014 as Marketing Communications Executive.

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