Bond Adapt V11 / 9.2 with superior recruitment functionality unveiled

Posted by Rob Hayesmore | May 16, 2014 |
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Just as the recruitment industry keeps evolving, so our solutions follow suit. Having carefully listened to our customers and their needs, we have enhanced the Bond Adapt software with features that make it easier for recruiters to manage their recruitment activities and monitor business performance.Bond Adapt

Bond Adapt is our sophisticated staffing and recruitment software system. It manages the entire placement cycle, simplifies processes and provides consultancies of all sizes with cutting-edge tools, enabling recruiters to be as effective as possible while gaining a competitive advantage.

The latest version of Bond Adapt (V11 / 9.2) boasts the following main, new features:

Improved Broadbean integration: to allow the tracking of candidates across multiple job boards from application to placement. The extended integration of Bond Adapt with Broadbean, the market-leading multi-job board posting system, allows recruiters to accurately track candidate responses, review applicants and rank them according to suitability. It is also now possible to search external CV databases and bring suitable candidates into the Bond Adapt system and the placement cycle.

Postcode Radius Searching: is now free. Using the Ordinance Survey postcode data, recruiters can now search for candidates within a specified postcode radius, making it easier to match a specific role to local candidates.

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Graphical widgets: to provide a visual snapshot of the organisation’s performance without managers having to sift through pages of lengthy reports. The widgets sit on the Adapt dashboard and can produce multiple results depending on the filters selected such as Activity Type; Activity vs. Targets; Leads; and Revenue vs. Targets. Users can toggle results according to date range, per consultant, office, team or region.

Hierarchy and relationship to User Groups: the data segregation and user creation capability has been enhanced to make it easier for users to silo data according to structure. This feature ensures that the right business intelligence is available to those with the right data ownership.

Rob Hayesmore, Head of Product Design, comments on the latest launch:

“Having listened to our clients’ feedback it became clear that improved Broadbean integration and free Postcode Radius Search would make a big difference to their ability to source the right candidates. We are very pleased that these two features are now a standard functionality in the latest version of our Bond Adapt software.”

“The graphical widgets and better data segregation make it easier for managers to view and analyse their business’ performance. It also allows them to assign different levels of authorisation to ensure people can only access the business intelligence relevant to their level. For example, an organisation can shield information relating to business performance from competing offices within a group, while internal recruitment teams can carry out their activities without the knowledge of the wider organisation.”

If you are a current Bond Adapt customer and would like to upgrade to the latest version then please contact your Bond account manager.

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Rob Hayesmore
Rob has worked for Bond since early 1995. His career at Bond started as an Analyst Programmer developing Bond Adapt version 7, then as a Team Leader and Strategic Development Manager. Now working as Head of Product Design, Rob is responsible for new features in Bond Adapt and the UK staffing application.

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