What is the Bond ATC and how can it benefit your business?

shutterstock_112412093Here at Bond we provide a valuable service to our clients – The Bond Adapt Training Check (ATC). So what exactly is the Bond ATC and how can it help your recruitment agency?

A Bond trainer will come and spend the day with you and your consultants to understand how effectively your team is using Adapt. During this time they will provide tips and hints to help users move through the software faster and more efficiently.

The trainer will observe methods used by your teams and conduct mini-interviews in order to compile a report detailing their conclusions. The report will list any recommendations and suggestions to help improve the utilization of Bond Adapt.

The Bond ATC provides businesses the opportunity to refresh their knowledge of the Bond Adapt system and ensure all consultants are using the software to its full capacity.

We appreciate how busy it can be for your consultants. The Bond ATC takes as much or as little time out of everyone’s schedule as convenient; the purpose being to capture information through observation of day-to-day workflows and tasks.

Our trainer isn’t there to test you. They are there to provide you with a professional consultancy service and encourage best practices to improve efficiencies and ensure you maximise ROI from your Bond Adapt recruitment software.

For more information, contact your Account Manager directly. They can help design the perfect Bond Adapt Training Check for you and your recruitment agency.