Broadbean + AdaptCentral = Social Posting Success for Recruiters

Posted by Adapt Newsroom | March 16, 2016 |
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Broadbean successful social posting for recruitersThe Year of the Partner is now very much upon us. At Bond International Software we choose our partners carefully – those who provide the best solutions to the world of recruitment by bringing the highest levels of technology to recruiters.

One such partner is Broadbean. A smart, innovative, global recruitment technology business, Broadbean help recruiters reach candidates in a fast, effective and efficient way. Their solution partners and integrates with complimentary tech businesses and job boards to make sure the recruitment process is everything a recruiter needs it to be.

Full visibility drives the best decisions  

Broadbean enables recruiters to post CVs via its job posting system on job boards and various social media channels. For recruiters, manually doing this is very time consuming. In addition, because it is hard to track the quality of candidates delivered by different job boards and social media channels, recruiters struggle to determine the most valuable channels and assess return on investment.

Broadbean provides recruiters with end-to-end visibility of data, enabling them to drive decisions based upon the best performing job boards and providing a true understanding of their recruitment processes – all from one platform which integrates with an existing recruitment CRM system such as Adapt.

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Effective progression from one click

Streamlining the processes of posting onto job boards and/or social media reduces the time recruiters would otherwise spend manually distributing advertisements through various channels. As well as this, being able to track candidates throughout the process means recruiters can review, rank and contact applicants – keeping updated at every point.

The power of social media can be further enhanced by combining the use of Broadbean with AdaptCentral, a powerful online social media portal that enables recruiters to post and manage job vacancy adverts and applications via LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter.

Using AdaptCentral, recruiters are able to tap into the vast online pool of candidate activity by posting job adverts to their social media profiles and feeds and enabling job seekers to apply in one click. The functionality also allows easy tracking of online submissions and the creation of candidate records within the Adapt software for effective progression through the recruitment cycle.

From searching for clients to matching candidates and employers, the quality and efficiency with which consultants secure candidates is critical to productivity, candidate experience and of course client relationships. Using functionality such as Broadbean and taking advantage of the AdaptCentral portal will further bolster the way recruiters search for people and build their relationships across many social media platforms.

To discover more about Broadbean, you can sign up to our Live Webinar exploring ‘The Power of your own Data with Broadbean’ here.

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