Building the Right Recruitment Agency Culture

Posted by Adapt Newsroom | July 8, 2015 |
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According to the Recruitment & Employment Confederation there are 8,000 recruitment agencies in theUK alone creating fierce competition. In the Year of the Candidate it’s important to make the right impression to attract and retain your own internal team. 

Recruitment firms should ask – are you creating the right culture in your agency, and fostering an environment where your staff are happy? Make sure your recruiters are working in harmony to ensure a smoother and faster turnaround when you are looking to place your best candidates.

Here is Bond Adapt’s top five tips on creating the best possible workplace:

1. Work Environment – How do your recruiters work? Are they all working from home making it more challenging to collaborate? Even with a small office the working environment should encourage shared areas for your whole team to work together, or separate meeting rooms for one on one meetings.

Are your offices in an easy to reach location for candidates, and recruiters alike, or do you even have an office? If not, create a collaborative work space where your staff can meet up once a week to share challenges and exchange knowledge. Working together is important for sharing best practices and candidate knowledge that all makes placing clients with the right staff easier in the Year of the Candidate.

2. Benefits – What benefits are you offering your staff? Is there a clear bonus structure that can be understood by all? Or is it complex with different levels of staff working on different commission packages? Simplifying the plan will make it transparent for all your recruiters. Knowing they are working towards the same goal with the same reward is a sure fire way to get everyone working collaboratively. Is there an annual profit share process? This is another good incentive to encourage everyone to work closely to generate revenue for the company.

It does not have to be contract-type incentives that impress your staff though, perhaps discounted gym membership, a fancy coffee machine or even just the acknowledgement it’s someone’s birthday will boost morale and ensure you offer your recruiters that human touch.

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3. Training – What training do you offer at your agency – is it a handbook or do you offer staff official industry accreditation? Understanding and encouraging the personal long term career goals of each member of the team can help foster a loyal and reliable team. Educating individuals to the highest levels possible can help your recruitment agency stay ahead of the competition and provide the best possible service to your clients and candidates.

4. CRM systems – Is your technology set up so that all consultants, whether working from home or in the office, can use it to search your pool of candidates and search data together? Ensuring you have the best CRM system enables your recruiters to hold a wealth of detail when it comes to storing information on prospective candidates and clients.

With the use of social media sites and job boards the records on file can be in the thousands so having the right technology will save your recruiters from feeling overwhelmed with data.

The best tools will ensure your staff can collaborate and undertake complex searches across the entire database and will enable you to gain additional ROI from your CRM investment.

5. A Positive Ethos –. By creating a positive working ethos from the top down your recruiters will be encouraged to collaborate better, providing a positive work ethic across the whole agency at all levels. Ask your team today if they are happy with the culture of the work place, and really listen to their answers. Is your environment set up for collaboration and sharing of knowledge? Are the benefits offered within the industry standards, or even better? How do you train new employees, and do you offer continued education throughout the duration of their employment? Taking stock and making changes can make the difference between having an OK team, and having team members who are loyal and passionate about your agency.

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