Calling Time on CV Fraud – Part Two

CV2In our second instalment of this two part blog series, we continue to take an in-depth look at CV fraud by considering how culture and best practise can make the process of CV checking more effective, streamlined and auditable.

Culture & Process

The solution to both CV fraud and industry credibility is two pronged. Firstly, it is important to reinforce the message that there is more value in the provision of well vetted candidates than simply getting any candidate in front of a client as fast as possible. By creating a stronger value model through strong client education, the emphasis on every aspect of candidate quality – from personality to skills, experience to qualification – will increase. When clients consistently demand highly vetted candidates, plus proof of vetting, the opportunities for CV fraud will rapidly diminish; and those agencies geared up to deliver vetting will be well placed.

Secondly, the checking process needs to be embedded within end to end recruitment activity. So rather than a simple ‘yes’ or ‘no’ check-box which provides too much temptation to shortcut for the on-deadline recruiter, an agency needs to provide a simple way of uploading checks and associated documentation to the CRM system. With this approach, at any time someone can look at a candidate’s information on the CRM system and the academic check, credit check, even CRB documents will be immediately visible – and can be easily shared with the client if requested.

The value to the recruitment industry – not to mention both clients and genuine candidates – is significant. This is not just a case of reducing liability – although the implications for a recruitment company that has failed to undertake the necessary checks on a candidate who is then unmasked as fraudulent are significant. The true value is quality. And in an era of strong demand for candidates, organisations need to get recruitment right first time now more than ever.  Ensuring every aspect of the candidate’s history has been assessed and reviewed is a fundamental aspect of delivering value to the client.

The truth is that the majority of companies know the importance of CV checking. In the Year of the Candidate, the pressure is now on to find the right people for clients increasingly frantic to add staff to support growth plans. Will some agencies, or individual consultants, be tempted to shortcut these essential checks? If a company relies on a check box approach, there is no easy way of verifying claimed activity – and certainly no way of proving to the client that such checks have been undertaken.

Robust checking can add a couple of days to the recruitment process. However, it is only by creating a recruitment culture that values accuracy and depth of candidate review over speed at any cost that employers can confidently meet evolving employment targets. By combining this culture with a recruitment process that enforces compliance and enables essential verification documentation to be easily retained and shared, agencies can begin to offer clear value over the competition and the incidence of CV fraud can over time, be truly eradicated.