Candidate Experience – Keeping Up with Mobile Recruitment

Posted by Adapt Newsroom | June 26, 2015 |
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MobileAdaptMobile continues to have a dramatic effect on the recruitment industry, so it was interesting to read an article recently which stated that according to a study by Nielsen, 91% of adults have a mobile phone within arm’s reach 24-hours a day. With people increasingly having more than one mobile device – whether that be smartphone or tablet – it would seem bizarre for some recruitment agencies and consultants to still be relying on paper or being chained to a desk, wouldn’t it?

Mobile working has now become mainstream for recruiters. Often out meeting clients and candidates, taking advantage of mobile apps has become second nature. This has helped to improve business efficiencies and, more importantly, revenue, as it becomes easier to pip the competition to the post when placing a candidate.

However, some recruiters are still missing a vital piece of the puzzle – optimising the mobile recruitment candidate experience. If you take a moment to look around you whilst travelling on the train or sitting having coffee, the majority of people will be looking at their smartphone or using some form of connected device. For a recruiter it is important to go where the candidate is, and this has never been more essential than in the current ‘Year of the Candidate’.

If your candidate experience isn’t truly mobile, as each day passes your opportunities to secure that star candidate will decrease and searches will become more challenging. There isn’t one tick-box option to help you optimise your candidate’s mobile experience. Each situation, company and candidate is different but taking stock now and looking at your mobile experience through a candidate’s eyes will help you identify and address the areas for improvement. What is clear is that there isn’t time to wait when it comes to keeping up with mobile recruitment.

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