Candidate Feedback – Why Should Recruitment Agencies Listen?

ListeningHow do you evaluate performance? Aside from business Key Performance Indicators and targets, how can you truly evaluate success either as an individual recruiter or a recruitment agency?

Candidate feedback is key for several reasons – whether positive or negative. As we are making our way through the ‘Year of the Candidate’, feedback from candidates now plays the most vital role in the success of recruiters and agencies. Candidates have more choice, with a wider range of recruitment agencies – plus they are savvier than ever before and are likely to make decisions about which agency to go for based on its reputation.

On a daily basis, recruiters may be required to deal with sensitive conversations – including client feedback or informing candidates they have not been selected for a job. However, it is important that recruiters are providing a high-level of service throughout all elements of the recruitment process as building strong relationships with candidates is beneficial in the long term. If the candidate isn’t right for a role today, he or she could be in a month, three months or even in a year from now.

So how do you improve your service? One way is to find out how candidates feel about the recruitment value you are providing. Each recruitment agency has its own set of internal standards for service but the only true way to measure is through feedback. It is important to gain an understanding of:

One option is to email all recently placed candidates via a search on your CRM, and ask for completion of an online survey.

Another way in which you can gain an understanding of the candidate experience is to have feedback cards based in the office, so when a candidate visits for an appointment there is an opportunity to provide their views on the quality of service and end to end experience. So whether it is via email, online survey or feedback card – what should you be asking? Depending on a candidate’s stage in the recruitment process, the questions will vary. Here are a few suggestions:

Using LinkedIn on a 1:1 level with recruiter and candidate relationship is a great way to nurture candidate relationships and build on positive feedback. As a recruiter, usually the candidate’s LinkedIn profile is the first port of call. Increasingly, it is seen as the go-to business social network and candidates are also evaluating recruiters based on both individual and recruitment company LinkedIn profiles. When you do receive positive feedback, use it as an opportunity to request a recommendation on LinkedIn. A potential candidate is more likely to respond to a recruiter with several positive recommendations.

Whatever method of candidate feedback you select, the main objective is to understand how best you can practice as a recruiter and recruitment agency. As part of this, asking the right questions will help better improve your services.