Driving The Recruitment Industry – REC’s Good Recruitment Campaign

Posted by Adapt Newsroom | September 2, 2015 |
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Good_RecruitmentWe were pleased to read the latest update on the REC’s Good Recruitment Campaign, and that so far 73 organisations – including some of the world’s largest employers – have signed up to commit to best practice recruitment. This drive to provide a best practice recruitment experience isn’t a sole decision of organisations with in-house recruitment capabilities, it is also something in which an increasing number of recruitment agencies and consultants are focusing on. It could be argued that in the ‘Year of the Candidate’ everyone from organisations, clients, recruiters and candidates are driving the experience levels up.

So what else can recruiters do to achieve recruitment best practice? With competition in the recruitment industry remaining fierce it is crucial to ensure recruiters are having regular interaction with candidates.  Analysing candidate feedback can help recruitment agencies meet internal gold standards and drive service improvements to provide candidates with the best possible recruitment experience.  An added business bonus to behaving in this way is that recruiters create a great impression first time – ensuring candidates come back time and time again, trusting your brand.

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What can companies do to achieve better results? Taking a look at a recruitment agency’s culture is a great way to help ensure they are conducting business in the best possible way. According to the REC there are 8,000 recruitment agencies in the UK alone. In the ‘Year of the Candidate’ it’s ever more important that businesses make the right impression to attract and retain their own internal team. 

Recruitment agencies should ask themselves – are we creating the right culture in our agency and fostering an environment where our staff are happy? Ensuring teams of recruiters are working in harmony will enable a smoother and speedier turnaround when they are looking to place the best candidates.

We are looking forward to seeing how REC’s Good Recruitment Campaign continues to grow and build momentum…one to watch!

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