Five Work Hacks for Recruiter Success

Posted by Chris Orkney | March 16, 2017 |
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Work HacksNew to recruitment or looking to develop your work ethic?  Chris Orkney, Sales Executive at Bond International Software, shares five invaluable ‘work hacks’ to help you get up and running, make the most of your time and achieve more every day… 

During my time as recruiter, I noticed several behaviours which were very telling when it came to how long people stayed in recruitment.  People who did certain things and behaved in certain ways tended to stick around and keep their jobs, and those who didn’t often struggled.  The following tips aren’t ‘bullet-proof’, but they can certainly aid your development as a recruiter from day one.

1. Don’t be afraid to make mistakes

I’ve seen a lot of people hiding in corners, trying to avoid making phone calls for fear of making mistakes and facing the ridicule of their peers.  It’s not worth it.  Office ridicule is just something that happens and, more often than not, it’s a term of endearment helping you to become part of the team.  Everybody’s been there, nobody makes a call and ‘smashes it’ on their first attempt; and your colleagues know that.  It’s all about practicing and developing your phone skills.  When you ‘fluff’ a call, roll with the punches and soon enough you’ll improve.

2. Research outside of core hours

When I started in recruitment, one thing that helped get me up and running was doing my research during the evening or outside of core working hours.  That way, in my core hours I would have my research ready with a list of numbers to call, and I would be on the phone non-stop.  Allocate an hour to business development, start dialling and as soon as you hang up (and document the call in your recruitment CRM), dial again.  If you stop dialling and start looking-up company websites, you’ll break your flow (and it is possible to find out too much about a company).  The most important thing is to get on the phone and talk with people.  Unless you’re an extrovert it’s uncomfortable initially, but if you develop your research and calling ethic, both will become second nature.

3. Listen to your Manager

Genuinely listen to what your Manager says.  They’re not there to make you ‘do stuff’ that’s irrelevant or unimportant.  Do what they say, don’t over-complicate it, don’t turn it into rocket science, literally do what they say.  If they say ‘Phone this person, find out where they worked in their last five jobs and where they will work in their next five jobs.’ – do exactly what they ask because they are giving you the best way to get things done.  Recruitment Managers or Owners haven’t just fallen into their positions by luck, they’re there for a reason and they want the best from you.  As a rookie recruiter, I was guilty of over-thinking things, but you can keep it simple and succeed quicker than I did.

4. Quality and quantity

When it comes to business development calls, being successful is very much a case of making a high-volume of well-informed calls.  I’ve seen people make amazing calls, but not enough of them; talented people who eventually dropped out of recruitment because they were unable to meet the required volume of calls.  When you’re working through a call list, it may seem a little monotonous at times but it’s part of the job.  Hang in there, be tenacious and get through your lists – your effort will be rewarded in the long term.  Recruitment isn’t about a quick deal here and there – yes, those are cool – but it’s about building-up your contacts, building-up your desk and the future pay-off.

5. Play the long game

I’ve seen plenty of people get caught-up in the results others were getting.  Recruitment isn’t about short term gain.  You can deliver a hundred perfect phone calls every day for two weeks and your colleague can still pick up one incoming call and do more business then you’ve done in all that time.  It doesn’t matter.  It’s not about answering that one phone call, it’s about being persistent and doing the right things – long term.

Remember, it’s ‘water off a duck’s back’

To succeed as a rookie recruiter, develop a thick skin.  Think ‘water off a duck’s back’, don’t think about what your colleagues are doing.  Listen to your Manager, forget about everything else, focus on your work and it will work for you.  Recruitment is an interesting, rewarding profession and getting to the stage where it becomes fun is just brilliant.

In the second blog of this series, Chris shares five more work hacks for recruiters and offers some heartfelt advice to those considering a career in recruitment…

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Chris Orkney
With over seven years of experience working at recruitment companies ranging from small boutiques to leading national companies, Chris brings a wealth of industry knowledge to his role. Chris joined Bond as a Business Development Manager in March 2016 and by June the same year he had progressed to Sales Executive. Chris is passionate about recruitment agency success and growth.

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