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Posted by Adapt Newsroom | December 3, 2015 |
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getting started with AdaptPicture the scene.  Its Christmas morning and you have been presented with the biggest gift under the tree – the new Coffee Max Deluxe 870.  It’s sparkling new and crying out for you to make a coffee for the family. But wait, it comes with 10 different attachments? What are they for? I know, I will look at the manual. But that’s 100 pages long! I really want to make coffee but just need to know how to start!

We have all been there. Whether it’s assembling flat pack furniture or installing a new CRM, you need to know the basics to help you get up and running.

Getting started with Adapt

For any software installation there is always a basic minimum requirement. Following some simple instructions to get logged in means you can hit the ground running with your new system. At Bond, we like to give this to you at the start of your implementation, during the implementation and sometimes right through to the training stage. Think of it as your start up guide for the coffee machine!

Adding data?

Before you start adding in candidates you might want to think about updating Skills, Industries and Job Categories. By using Adapts CV Import process, it will parse key criteria from the CV into the candidate’s record so it’s important to build your database with the relevant Skills and Industries that you use. Once the candidate’s record has been created, you will be able to job match immediately allowing your consultants to starting making placements.

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Looking smart!

Are you a ‘Yours Sincerely’ or more of a ‘Kind Regards’ type of company? We all have our own preferences when it comes to communication. Adapt has a range of customisable templates so whether its having your own signature, terminology or CV design, setting these up before you go live provides a positive impression to your candidates and clients alike.

Where are my stats?

It’s one month into go live and your manager at the Worthing branch wants a list of consultants activity and a report on all calls made. The other crucial point of any implementation is making sure you have your consultants in the right team and office locations. Getting this set up correctly from the start will provide accurate Searching and Reporting and can also help consultants manage their client and contact Studios effectively and with ease.

Getting trained

A key factor of any software implementation is being trained. How do you know what skills to update or which templates need attention? Training isn’t just about getting Recruiters up to speed. It’s also ensuring you have what you need before you go live with Adapt. Set some time aside for you to attend a training course or Webinar, learn the basics to help you think about the points above. Our Getting Me Started Webinar is a great place to begin! Or why not view our Online Tutorials?

Planning your implementation can be challenging as there is always so much to take into consideration.

By building upon these basic foundations, you can ensure a smoother transition for your consultants, helping you get the best out of Adapt right from the start.

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