Global recruiting trends – a preview of 2016

Posted by Toby Conibear | December 29, 2015 |
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Recruiter trendsLinkedIn has produced its latest report which looks at what’s top of mind among 4,000 talent acquisition decision makers for 2016. Toby Conibear, European Business Development Director, Bond International Software, takes a look at the report and the key themes set to impact the recruitment industry during the next 12 months.

As we look to the future in 2016, taking into account the findings of LinkedIn’s Global Recruiting Trends 2016 report is a good starting point when considering your strategy. What is clear from the study is ‘the power of relationships’, as the report highlights that ‘relationships was the connective tissue that linked them all together’. From measuring, sourcing, branding and retention, relationships are set to have an ever increasing importance for recruiters during the coming year.

Leading the way with social

For us, another interesting finding was that social professional networks have taken the lead as the top source of quality hires. Sitting above internet job board and employee referral programmes, the power of social will continue to reign over recruiters. Our prediction? Over the next 12 months, we’ll see a fragmentation of social media and the rise of specialist social media platforms within particular industry sectors.

This has started to happen already and those specialist platforms will have new and interesting ways of capturing data relating to their subscriber bases – giving recruiters new and interesting tools to help analyse who might be suitable for a job. As we move forward, it will all be about enriching the data, giving users more specific information to create a trigger to actually make contact and start the process.

Attracting the talent

With more roles available and the pool of potential candidates increasing, employer brands are focusing on how best to position themselves to attract the best talent. According to LinkedIn’s report findings, employer brand resurges as a top priority, with companies investing more in employer brand efforts. The LinkedIn report findings show that in 2016, 59% of respondents state employer brand as a priority, compared to 50% in 2014.

Guiding your clients with best practice advice to help them improve their employer brand – whether through packages, creating attractive job role posts or a competitive benefits package – will not only improve your relationships but also help you to secure more placements as the role is more attractive to potential candidates.

With 2016 set to be a positive year, now is the time to take stock and appreciate the importance of client and candidate relationships. Act now to craft a plan on how to improve your business, adapt to the changes in the recruitment industry and build on current and future client opportunities.

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Toby Conibear
Toby has worked for Bond since 1996. His career started as a Technical Support Consultant, then worked as an Account Manager, then Head of European Sales. Currently, Toby is responsible for driving growth of the EMEA business region, specialising in large scale multinational deployments. Working as Group Business Development Director, Toby is part of the Bond board leadership team.

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