‘What does it mean?’ Glossary of Recruitment Software Terms – Part One

Posted by Shane Wheeler | January 5, 2016 |
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From AOA’s to Widgets, what do all these recruitment software terms actually mean? In the first of three blogs, Shane Wheeler, Marketing Communications Executive, Bond International Software, sheds some light on the acronyms, nicknames and technical terms you’ll often see and hear when considering recruitment software.


AOA – Adapt Outlook Add-in

Seamless integration between AdaptUX and Microsoft Outlook displays AdaptUX within your Outlook screen. Quickly view candidate or client records from emails received and run workflows direct from Outlook without switching between the two systems. The AOA also features in-built social media connectors.

API – Application Programming Interface

Software applications are built by programmers using an API, which is a set of routines, protocols and tools. The best APIs make it easier for programmers to build software by providing all the building blocks required for them to assemble. ‘Open API’ is a term used to describe the API technologies used to enable software to interact with one another, such as Sage ‘bolting-on’ to AdaptUX to run payroll tasks.


Back Office

The term ‘back office’ originated when offices were built with sales and customer-facing staff in the front of the building and manufacturing and admin staff in the back, unseen by customers. In software terms, ‘back office’ refers to systems designed for internal operations; invoicing, payroll and purchase ledger being the most common in the staffing and recruitment industry.

Backfill Leads

When a recruiter fills a role, the successful candidate has probably left their previous position vacant. These vacancies are known as ‘backfill leads’. In AdaptUX, you can effectively track backfill leads via the live-feed of data provided by the ‘widget’ in the Adapt Studio dashboard system. (See also: Dashboards)

Boolean Searching

Boolean logic is named after George Boole, who first defined an algebraic system of logic in the mid-1900’s. Boolean searching uses operators such as AND, OR and NOT to refine searches by combining or limiting terms. This allows the user of a system to find relationships between data, and clearly filter and drill-down into data in the database using sophisticated searching.

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Cloud computing is storing and accessing software and data online instead of using a server or your computer’s hard drive.

CRM – Customer Relationship Management

General CRM software systems are designed to manage a company’s interaction with their clients and prospects. AdaptUX is an advanced CRM software system, built specifically for the recruitment industry, which also manages the entire recruitment cycle and becomes the central hub of all recruitment activity. Real-time dashboards ensure all information is easily accessible and opportunities are never missed. (See also: Dashboards)


Configuration is the methodical process of defining and building the options provided to software users. One of AdaptUX’s unique features is its unrivalled flexibility in this area. The Adapt Configuration Toolkit provides the ability to change many aspects of the system, including modifying and creating new screens, menus, searches, integrations, business processes and workflows.

Contextual Search

Contextual search technology understands the placement of words and the context of whole sentences; enabling multiple word phrases to be searched. When used by recruiters, this means a full job specification or CV can be used as the actual search criteria to find corresponding matches. Unique in the recruitment software market, Adapt InSight is the contextual search tool provided by Bond.



Dashboards are control panels within software displaying information users need to run tasks and complete workflows. Dashboards often display information graphically, using simulated gauges or dials reminiscent of those on a cars dashboard, which is how they got their name. The AdaptUX dashboard system is called Adapt Studio due to the unique flexibility it offers, allowing users to select from pre-designed dashboards or create their own based upon their preferred working methods.


A database is comprised of tables, columns and fields, all of which are linked together. An AdaptUX database typically holds client, candidate, user and recruitment cycle information to action and report upon. (See also: Data Migration)

Data Migration

Data migration (also known as a data transfer) is the process of transferring legacy data from a previous software system (or CSV files) into a new software system. At Bond, we have a variety of data migration options; all designed to ensure the most appropriate and straightforward method is used and every transfer is successful. (See also: Database)

Data Security

Data security means protecting data from destructive forces and the unwanted actions of unauthorised users. Bond take data security extremely seriously and have achieved a number of ISO accreditations, including ISO 27001 (Information Technology Security Techniques) which demonstrates the security of our day to day operational processes. (See also: Database, Data Migration)


Software deployment refers to all the activity required to make a software system ready and available for use. Bond offer a number of flexible deployment options for our systems; technically cutting-edge and carefully designed to fit the size, infrastructure and preferences of your business.

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Shane Wheeler
From 1997, Shane was an Account Manager for a global broadcast monitoring company, providing services to the marketing and PR industries. Shane’s career at Bond began in 2010 as a Business Development Manager for Bond Adapt. Shane moved to the Bond Adapt marketing team in 2014 as Marketing Communications Executive.

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