‘What does it mean?’ Glossary of Recruitment Software Terms – Part Two

Posted by Shane Wheeler | January 19, 2016 |
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From AOA’s to Widgets, what do all these recruitment software terms actually mean? In the second of three blogs, Shane Wheeler, Marketing Communications Executive, Bond International Software, sheds some light on the acronyms, nicknames and technical terms you’ll often see and hear when considering recruitment software.


Federated Search

Federated search technology offers recruiters the ability to search all of their potential candidate sources from one point of access. With federated search technology, you can live search your entire AdaptUX database, multiple job boards and social media (such as LinkedIn) simultaneously. More information can be found here regarding Candidate Search & Match.

Front Office

The term ‘front office’ originated when offices were built with sales and customer-facing staff in the front of the building and manufacturing and admin staff in the back, unseen by customers. In software terms, ‘front office’ refers to systems designed for direct relation to customers, either general or recruitment–specific (AdaptUX being a great example of a recruitment-specific CRM). (See also: CRM, Back Office)



Hosting means to store a website or other electronic data on a server connected to the internet. An internet hosting provider runs servers which serve content to the internet. In the case of Bond, that content being AdaptUX software applications and databases which user’s access online. More details can be found here. (See also: SaaS, Configuration, OnDemand, Single-tenant, Multi-tenant)



Software integration means programming two separate applications to effectively ‘talk’ to each other and share information; enabling users to benefit from the strengths of both systems working together. Common examples of AdaptUX integrations are Sage (enabling AdaptUX to pass information onto Sage to run payroll tasks) and Broadbean (allowing AdaptUX users to source candidates via Broadbean and import the information into AdaptUX). (See also: API)


In software, implementation means the post-sales process of guiding clients through from purchase or rental agreement to using the software they have selected. At Bond, all these steps are supervised by a Project Manager. You may see the individual stages of our full implementation process here.

Intellectual Property

The term intellectual property in the wider world covers assets such as musical, literary, and artistic works, discoveries and inventions, and words, phrases, symbols, and designs. Copyright, trademarks, patents, industrial design rights, trade dress and trade secrets protect intellectual property owners. In the recruitment industry, intellectual property refers to client and candidate information and collecting and retaining this data is key to building a strong, saleable recruitment businesses. Embedding a recruitment-specific CRM such as AdaptUX within every business process helps build and safeguard a company’s intellectual property.


KPIs – Key Performance Indicators

KPI’s measure business performance and are designed to drive potential improvement strategies. Active dashboards within AdaptUX deliver real-time KPI information. Recruitment business managers can add KPI requirements for individual consultants, teams, offices or regions. The system tracks and displays this information and delivers meaningful management reports.



Mobile technologies are changing the candidate experience, improving client relationships and transforming the productivity of consultants. Adapt InTouch mobile app combines smartphones with market-leading recruitment software – enabling you to quickly access your data, run workflows and effectively recruit on the move. More details can be found here.


Via Multi-tenant Software as a Service, all clients, or ‘tenants’ access the same version of the software and share a single code base. Clients have their recruitment software system and data slotted into one server bank. Imagine the system as a self-contained flat, built to your requirements, within a pretty big tower block. There are great benefits to this model; a cost-effective standard system and everyone receives updates at the same time. (See also: Cloud, SaaS, OnDemand, Single-tenant)



OnDemand is the name of Bond’s Software as a Service version of AdaptUX. OnDemand plus offers additional bespoke configuration options. You may see the full details for both services here. (See also: Cloud, SaaS, Single-tenant, Multi-tenant)


OnPremise is the name for Bond’s client server version of AdaptUX. With OnPremise you may host the system on your own server or with a third party of your choice. Full details here.



The term parsing comes from the Latin ‘pars (orationis)’, meaning ‘part (of speech)’. In recruitment software terms, parsing most commonly refers to the process of importing candidate CVs into the CRM while simultaneously creating accurately populated candidate records for use in all workflows. There are inbuilt CV parsing tools within AdaptUX, plus Bond partner companies such as DaXtra and Burning Glass to provide further market-leading CV parsing options via seamless integration. (See also: Integrations)

Penetration Testing

Bond regularly hire third-party security experts to attempt to break into the AdaptUX online infrastructure. Penetration testing is designed to identify any weakness in our system that could be exploited either externally via a web portal or by those with legitimate access attempting to read forbidden data. Importantly, we typically change our penetration testing company every two years, to ensure tests are new and do not refer to any previous results. This ensures very high security levels within every new release of AdaptUX. (See also: Data Security)

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Shane Wheeler
From 1997, Shane was an Account Manager for a global broadcast monitoring company, providing services to the marketing and PR industries. Shane’s career at Bond began in 2010 as a Business Development Manager for Bond Adapt. Shane moved to the Bond Adapt marketing team in 2014 as Marketing Communications Executive.

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