How Bond’s New API Creates Third-Party Software Integration Opportunities

Bond's New APIIn June 2015, Rob Hayesmore, Head of Product Development, Bond International Software, wrote  ‘What’s in Store for Bond Adapt Integrations?’, discussing the work Bond had completed to build a smarter open API (Application Program Interface), to make it even easier for third party software to integrate with Adapt.  Since then, Bond have continued to break new ground in this area and Rob explains how…

Producing a recruitment-specific API

In my previous blog, I mentioned how Bond had taken a big step forward in software development by moving to REST (Representational State Transfer), harnessing the power of HTTP (Hypertext Transfer Protocol) and HTTP services to build an API.  We started designing and developing a REST API because the technology allows us to produce an API which is much more intuitive and specific to recruitment processes, rather than simply being a general purpose API.    

I’m delighted to say we have successfully produced and published a REST API and it’s available with our recently-released recruitment-specific CRM, AdaptUX (version 1.0) via our OnDemand (Cloud) environment.  

The new API is clearer, more intuitive and requires less underlying knowledge of the Adapt system to use.  As a result, it’s significantly easier to integrate with.  The new interface effectively mirrors the recruitment application itself, not just the underlying system, so its recruitment focused rather than just being a ‘techie’-type API.  The first phase covers the important areas of Candidates and Jobs.

Why integrate software? 

Today, there is little benefit in being a ‘closed shop’.  However, there are huge benefits in the recruitment CRM software being very good at what it does, the third-party software being very good at what it does, and having the ability to produce a joined-up, end to end solution for clients.  Having an open, intuitive REST API means providers of many different types of software can integrate their software with AdaptUX.  Through 3rd party relationships, the choice and openness we can offer increases significantly and leads to additional business benefits for our mutual clients.

The bigger picture is…

Our new API gives third party software providers a real hook into Bond’s AdaptUX client base.  A good recent example being CloudCall, delivering advanced telephony integration with AdaptUX.  CloudCall have successfully integrated with AdaptUX and actively offer their system to Bond clients, with many becoming CloudCall clients and reaping the additional benefits of using AdaptUX with CloudCall.  

Join us!

If you’re a recruiter using AdaptUX and you’re interested in a new third party software integration to add functionality to your CRM – talk to Bond and the third party provider to help move that integration forward. 

If you’re a software provider and you’re interested in integrating with AdaptUX – you can. It’s easy and you will be able to develop new business by expanding your prospect base with AdaptUX users.

There really are two sides to the integration coin and they’re both very appealing.  By delivering our new API, the opportunities are better than ever.