How can CRM help with the search for the perfect candidate?

Posted by Adapt Newsroom | March 12, 2015 |
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BondSearchBlogConsultants know that CRM systems can hold a wealth of detail when it comes to storing information on prospective employees. From contact details to CVs and recruiters’ notes, the records on file are likely to be in the thousands as consultants have more sources available in order to search for their ideal candidate. Nowadays they can pull relevant information from social media sites as well as job boards, and in many cases the depth of information is overwhelming.

High numbers of consultants all undertaking complex searches across the entire database at any one time puts a unique, demanding load on the system and missing the perfect candidate or opportunity can be costly. However, with the evolution of search technology, this tool now plays a key role in enabling organisations to gain additional ROI from their CRM investment.

One of the problems is that consultants are not necessarily aware of the best ways to structure data in the CRM to get the best results from structured search processes.

Understanding Data

Recruitment companies should ask themselves:

Coding records effectively and consistently is key to maximising the value of structured search. If consultants are well trained, structured search is probably still the best way to create a global picture of the skill base in the CRM database.

The market has developed a number of new search tools in response to the changing data environment, from Indexing to Data Ontology. Contextual search enables consultants to search on unstructured or raw data rather than file name. It is faster and more accurate at matching results. While federated search enables candidate information to be searched across multiple platforms it can difficult because of the lack of standards in the way different external organisations store and search data.

As a result, while federated search goes some way towards presenting a consultant with vital information, the insight gained from contextually searching the various sources is typically far better.

Effective management of internal data sources, combined with contextual search tools, is still the best way of maximising business value and gaining fast access to the right people.

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