How can you market yourself as a Recruiter?

Posted by Megan Walker | November 2, 2015 |
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How can you market yourself as a Recruiter?If you are a recruiter, having your own online presence is just as important as your agency having a website. Candidates are interested in knowing who they are working with now, more than ever before. Access to information about who you are, and your previous track record can be found online quickly with a swift search of your name. Are you ready to be found, and do you know how you are perceived?

Check Google first

I recently wrote a blog for TEAM (The Employment Agents Movement) addressing why you should Google yourself on an ongoing basis. Do you want to understand your online presence? We have all googled someone out of curiosity, for research or just being plain nosey. Understanding how you appear online is your first step to marketing yourself in the best light. Find something you wouldn’t want your parents, your boss or your clients to see (thanks Lisa Jones for that rule!), then do something about it and take steps towards cleaning up your act.

Review your LinkedIn presence

Your LinkedIn profile is the first point of call for any savvy candidate. If I get an email from a recruiter, it’s the first place I go to find out more about them. Do they have a photograph for their profile image, or is it just the standard ‘mystery man’? How often have they moved around agencies? And do they have any recommendations from happy clients and other candidates? Step back and review your own profile and be objective. Do you come across as being engaged and interacting with others, or are you just a blank shell of a profile? Also, when sending out LinkedIn requests to connect with candidates, avoid the boring and bland generic invite messages. It can make the difference in someone accepting your request, or it just being deleted.

Do you Tweet?

If you are on Twitter, what kind of things are you posting about? Even if your account is not for business purposes, if you are out there, someone is likely to find you. Are your tweets ‘safe for work’ and an accurate representation of you and the agency? In today’s social world, we need to be aware that what we tweet sends a message about us, good or bad. It goes back to the rule of only posting content you wouldn’t mind your Mum seeing! Check your profile for photos and info and delete items if needed. If you really don’t want anyone to see it, make your profile private so your tweets are locked down. Then you can say whatever you like without fear of having a negative impact on the agency you work for, or on yourself as a recruiter.

Google+ is becoming important

Where LinkedIn can be a more formal and professional platform, Google+ allows you to be a little informal in comparison. There are some really cool features you can use as a recruiter. How you use them is up to you, but as with the other social sites, check out your profile and make sure it’s still professional and informative for any potential candidates who may find it.

Don’t forget ‘Face to Face’

Does the reality live up to the hype? Is the recruiter a candidate finally meets in the office the same recruiter they have been communicating with online? Make sure that above all, you are authentic. Your online self should be an accurate reflection of the person you really are. Marketing yourself online can be tricky, but being genuine is the easiest and should be the only way to make connections and build solid relationships. So, what are you waiting for? Go and check out your profiles. Would YOU want to be contacted by YOU?  

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Megan Walker
Megan has worked for the Bond Group since 2007. Starting in the United States, she worked as an Implementation Consultant, an Account Manager, Training & Education Specialist, and then managed the Client Services Team. Moving back to her homeland in 2014, she now works for Bond in the United Kingdom as their Marketing Manager.

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