How to get the most out of job boards with tracking

job-boards-with-trackingThe world of recruitment is by nature competitive, with every second counting when closing a candidate deal or a new job posting. This blog by Toby Conibear, European Business Development Director at Bond International Software, looks at how to get the best out of job boards.

It seems inconceivable but it’s taken less than 15 years for job boards to cement their position as an essential tool in any job, or indeed candidate, search. Both general and niche boards have become the default way of searching for jobs with thousands, if not millions, of individuals creating a profile to facilitate their next career move. With so many job hunters online, it makes it an attractive place to fish for candidates. 

This does pose a dilemma for the recruiter: where to post? Do you go to the more generalist sites such as Monster, or are you better off on a niche site such as What about the role of social media such as LinkedIn? It’s easy to post on all, but this can be expensive and is rarely the most effective approach.

Having the right recruitment software in place can make all the difference here. Not only will it be able to create a shortlist of candidates at the click of a button, but recruiters can also see exactly which job board has been the most effective.  The right software will show the volume of candidates generated from each job board and also track them through the recruitment process; showing statistics for each stage from shortlist to placement. This will make it much easier to determine the effectiveness and ROI of each board used, whether generalist or niche.

The role of advertising should not be underestimated either. Ads can make your vacancy stand out in a crowded market and invite a greater number of applications. Up-to-the-job software can post a vacancy and create a corresponding ad. By tracking this ad recruiters can easily see how well it performs, how many clicks it generates and the number of applications subsequently received.

Using the right technology can help recruiters gain tighter control over the quality of candidates as well as their advertising budgets. In this fast-moving, highly competitive marketplace, it is essential that recruiters track job board ROI – from the moment of posting, through advertising to candidate selection and placement – to help identify the most effective boards and thus improve overall productivity and performance.