How To Maximise Revenue Using Adapt UX – Part Three

Posted by Oliver Perilli | August 18, 2015 |
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Making Money part 3How do you make more placements and increase placement revenue? Oliver Perilli, Senior Sales Executive, Bond International Software, shares his top money-making tips through a new series of unmissable blogs. The third, for recruitment agency managers, looks at how analysing consultant activity information in the right way can drive training for company-wide success.

Manage opportunities!

In my first blog on maximising revenue using Adapt, I discussed methods recruiters could employ to identify new business opportunities, but how do you manage those opportunities?  All lead and opportunity information is fed into your recruiter’s business development Studios within Adapt, where they can grade and progress them (log phone calls, send messages and CVs and so on).  As a manager using Adapt, you can see individual business development opportunities in your consultant’s pipelines along with consolidated management information for a more holistic view. 

Smart analysis

You can see conversion rates per individual recruiter, across your team or whole business.  How many leads are they successfully converting into business by week, month, quarter or year?  Compare this information with previous periods and you might find an individual’s conversion rate has dropped – Adapt gives you the power to find out what happened.  What have they done differently?  What tasks haven’t they completed?  What tasks have they done too often?  Have they developed a situation where other important tasks are being neglected?  Use the smart analysis of conversion rate information within Adapt to guide under-performing consultants back to their prior levels of success.

Maintain healthy pipelines

How are your consultant’s pipelines looking – by day, week, month or quarter?  How many open leads do they have?  How many have been cancelled or lost?  How many have been converted into business?  If a particular consultant isn’t winning business, with Adapt Studios you can see why.  Maybe they haven’t created any leads, or they have open leads and they’re not spending enough time developing them.  The ability to see the flow of your consultant’s pipelines over a period of time via instant graphical dashboards gives you a real steer on what needs to be rectified.  Use the meaningful management information Adapt provides to gain a holistic view of your consultant’s activity, identify any issues and take action before they cause problems. 

Of course, the other the view is of consultant success.  Adapt Studios enable you to see where the best stepping stones are and how to lay them for your whole team…

Model for Success!

What creates a successful consultant?  It’s simply what they do and the success they have!  

How many calls are your consultants making?  How many CVs are they sending?  How many client meetings are they generating?  And, most importantly, what success is being borne of their processes?

Adapt Analytics looks at information gathered across all your consultants, through many different ratios, to enable Adapt Studios to deliver truly meaningful KPI information. 

Do your successful consultants make a certain number of calls, client visits or CV submissions before they make a placement?  Set your KPI’s for a specific period of time, then weight them based upon comparing successful and unsuccessful consultant activity.

Drill down and discover the keys to success

Adapt Managers Studios graphically display KPI information, so compare any number of consultant’s activities, or consolidate those details into a single view and see how everyone in your team is performing.  Your overall teams’ success is the most important of course, but the power to drill down into individual consultant analysis is key to achieving that success. 

Set different targets for different consultants by period; not just by year, but by week.  Focus one week on business development, another on submitting candidates for job vacancies and so on – direct your consultants to their priority tasks on a week to week basis.   

The best training model

Do more than offer cues and pointers to help junior consultants achieve similar success to the most experienced.  Effectively model successful consultants and provide training based upon this information. 

With Adapt Studios, you have the power to model the success of individual recruiters, teams or offices…and replicate those models throughout your whole company.

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Oliver Perilli
Oliver’s career at Bond started in 1998 as a Software Trainer. In 1999 Oliver moved to Account Management, working closely with UK and international Bond Adapt clients. Oliver joined the Bond Adapt Sales team in 2005 as a Sales Executive and in 2008 progressed to Senior Sales Executive and Enterprise Practice Lead, specialising in global contracts for Bond Adapt.

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