The Importance of a Review Meeting

AM ReviewBond is proud to offer a very successful Account Management program to all OnDemand plus and OnPremise clients. An Account Manager is available in a consulting role, to answer questions, provide solutions and share knowledge of our software and services.

One of the most important aspects of the relationship between clients and their Account Manager is regular review meetings. These consultations are a valuable part of building relationships and the progression from software provider to trusted partner.

How could a review be valuable to you and your business?

  1. A review meeting is a vital opportunity where both you and your dedicated Account Manager can give and receive feedback. Are you getting what you need? Do you have questions or are you looking for advice in a specific area of your business? An Account Manager works with lots of businesses so can provide suggestions based on previous experience or knowledge of how another recruitment agency has handled a specific problem or business challenge.
  2. Don’t miss out on the chance to challenge the areas that might not have gone as well as expected or planned, discuss in detail and eliminate issue reoccurrences by implementing an agreed plan.
  3. The added incentive of utilising your review meeting to ask any questions regarding top tips or small issues that can potentially be resolved or displayed on the day.
  4. Have your say! Your ideas and any fundamental additions to your system are raised and channelled accordingly; maybe it’s a proposal that could possibly be secured to Bonds roadmap.
  5. Your Account Manager will endeavour to provide support in identifying your goals, and targets that need to be accomplished, and work with your future plans.
  6. Account Management provide consultancy services to ensure you are receiving the best possible package and options.
  7. Receive details on our hosted solution OnDemand where you will benefit from low set-up costs, no annual maintenance support fee, free out of hours’ upgrades with every new release, Adapt InTouch mobile application and no more system administration responsibility or dedicated support contacts.
  8. You will receive first hand updates/demonstrations consistently on the latest updates and enhancements to your system.
  9. Make the most of the review meetings offered to you by your Account Manager and be sure to have your say!
  10. You can visit us or we can visit you! A face to face meeting is an ideal way for us to meet your entire agency, or for you to come and meet the wider team here at Bond International Software.