Job Board Posting Top Tips – Part One

jobboardAs a result of new technology and the digitally connected world we live in, never has it been easier for recruiters and candidates to interact and engage with each other. Thanks to the diverse array of online job platforms and professional networks such as LinkedIn, the relationship between recruiters and candidates has fundamentally changed.

Unfortunately, whilst interacting with potential candidates has become easier and simpler, the recruiter’s agenda has become significantly more complex. There are now a number of potential channels to investigate to find the talent they’re looking for. Recruitment agencies need to diversify both their practice and perspective to ensure they find exactly who they need.

For candidates looking for a new job, a quick search on a job-board is most likely the first port of call. It’s here where recruiters can promote a new job vacancy, and candidates can find positions they would like to apply for. For a recruiter, deciding what services to use and how to get the best results can at times be a complicated process, and having so many channels at your disposal doesn’t always help. In order to alleviate those concerns, this two-part blog series will discuss the different elements of job board posting and highlight some top tips and best practices.

  1. Decide whether Industry Specific or Generic job boards suit your requirement(s)

When looking for potential candidates, it can be tempting to post a job advertisement on one of the most prominent job boards and leave it to operate. The problem with this approach is that you then end up with a wide spectrum of candidates – either qualified or unqualified.

Undoubtedly, generic job boards serve a purpose, however, if you’re looking for precise, high quality and targeted results in terms of your candidate pool, you’re better off taking the time to use an industry specific job board.

By using industry-specific job boards over generic job boards, you drastically improve your chances of getting to the right candidate, quicker. As a direct result of this, you can shorten your recruitment process significantly.

To learn more on how you can shorten and refine your recruitment process with smart strategies and renewed efficiency, click here.

  1. Choose the best job board for your agency/team

Choosing the right job board is crucial for hiring success, therefore it now becomes a question of what job board best fits your recruitment criteria.

The job board you choose will play an essential role in how your recruitment process unfolds. In order to determine which is the best fit for you, there are a number of questions you need to ask:

Using these questions as a framework will allow you to determine which of the sites offer the most benefit, functionality and efficiency.

  1. Use measurement to determine value

So, you’ve decided on the job boards you want to utilise, now you need the analytics at your disposal to determine how efficient and productive the job board actually is.  

The most effective job-boards will offer you analytics and statistics on a number of variables, such as:

Now that we’ve established the primary elements for your job board postings, you need to maximise your results. In part two of this blog, we’ll summarise how you can be sure you’re getting the best results from your job boards.