Keeping It Easy – Top Tips To Improve Your Candidate Experience

Posted by Adapt Newsroom | May 13, 2015 |
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ADEasyWhat would happen if you looked at your recruitment processes through the eyes of a candidate? As the economy improves and more candidates look for their ideal roles it is paramount recruitment companies ensure both websites and application processes are user-friendly.

With competition in the recruitment industry remaining fierce, you must ensure that candidates can interact with your consultants easily and effectively. Mobile-enabled candidates can contact your company via their preferred platform, including your website or social media such as LinkedIn or Twitter, anytime 24/7 and you must be ready to respond.

So what can you do to update your processes in order to entice the smartest candidates? Here is our checklist:

1. How long ago did you review your job application and on-boarding process?

Have you walked through the online process since you advertised your last vacancy? Recruitment companies have strong competition from jobsites as it is, so ensure your systems are as fast and intuitive as possible for candidates to search and navigate. Ask yourself who the system easy for – your recruiters or your candidates?

2. How quickly do you respond to new candidates?

Do you have a process in place for responding to new candidates, to acknowledge they have engaged with you either through email, website forms or social media? Sending an acknowledgement email is all well and good but is it good enough if you’re not going to follow-up with a personable phone call? Ensuring you engage regularly with candidates throughout the on-boarding process, introductory face-to-face meetings and every stage of the selection process will ensure job seekers trust your consultants and brand over the competition.

3. How effective is your social media strategy?

Are your vacancies promoted on your Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn company pages? Building up a candidate pool on social media has become a must for recruitment companies but there’s little point advertising jobs and offering advice if you are not engaging with people who ‘like’, ‘retweet’ or write comments and feedback to your offerings. Do you have a social media champion or a process in place for regularly checking these sites for the right candidates as well?

4. Are your business objectives in-line with your IT strategy? How old is your CRM?

If you walk through your website process and you’re asking for irrelevant information, you could be causing candidates frustration. Don’t ‘require’ fields that aren’t necessary, or ask for information that doesn’t pertain to everyone. Are you forcing people to look elsewhere? If so, it’s about time the IT department is brought into the conversation. Check if your candidates are able to interact across multiple devices. As more people use their mobiles on the go it is imperative your website is mobile-friendly so candidates can search vacancies from wherever they are.

5. Are you going the extra mile for your candidates?

To stand out from the crowd in the Year of the Candidate, a thank-you email alone will not stick. Ensure your consultants are offering services that go the extra mile – such as CV writing or interview coaching.

Step outside your internal processes and look in from the candidate’s perspective and you will find the routes to stay ahead of your competition in 2015.

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