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Posted by Oliver Perilli | November 10, 2015 |
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Adapt Feed ManagerAs a Recruitment Manager using your clients’ third-party ATS or VMS system, how do you eliminate the need for your consultants to log-in to multiple systems for different clients, effectively track fill ratio information and increase placements? Oliver Perilli, Senior Sales Executive, Bond International Software presents a strong case for automating key processes via Adapt Feed Manager.

Do your clients use third-party ATS or VMS systems?

Chances are, you have come across clients with third party ATS (Applicant Tracking System) or VMS (Vendor Management System) online portals for publishing their latest job vacancies and providing a means of submitting candidates. Your consultants log-in to those systems to find out if there are any jobs currently available and, if there are, they must manually type the details into their own recruitment CRM, especially if you require centralised visibility and tracking. When submitting candidates they must log back in to the client portal, manually complete an online form and submit their candidate’s CVs. Both processes can take a lot of time. So much time in fact, that sometimes it’s impossible for your agency to add all the jobs they receive through various portals into your CRM, and keeping track of fill ratios can also prove difficult. These processes are inefficient and onerous from both your recruitment cycle and administration points of view.

Let’s automate!

Adapt Feed Manager can log-in to your client company’s third-party ATS or VMS system portals and effectively automate these processes. With Adapt Feed Manager, you would receive jobs much faster because the details are taken directly from these portals and records are instantly created for them within Adapt. Just as quickly, your correct teams of consultants are notified of new vacancies, enabling them to be much more competitive. Using Feed Manager, your consultants are more likely to put candidates forward first, and when they submit a candidate, your client’s candidate submission form is automatically populated with the candidate details and supporting documentation. Streamlining these processes would empower your consultants to place more candidates and significantly reduce your administration costs.

Twenty Retail Managers required

If ‘Client X’ publish a new requirement for twenty Retail Managers via their portal, Adapt Feed Manager would instantly see those details and pull them into your Adapt. Adapt would then create live job records and notify your correct teams – your competitors might log-in to the system an hour later to find out the very same information. Your team would get the details and opportunities straight away and, if also using search tools such as Adapt InSight, they would quickly find suitable candidates to put forward. One click on ‘CV Send’ and Feed Manager would upload a relevant CV through Client X’s portal. Twenty Retail Manager CVs can be sent in a matter of minutes. For your competitors not using Feed Manager, this process could take hours, even days.

Feeding the lead pipeline

As you know, depending on your recruitment company’s marketplace and specialism there’s often a published source of job opportunities, such as a live feed from the NHS or construction industry. Adapt can automatically connect to these feeds and use this information to create important business development leads, opportunities and pipelines. It’s also straightforward to set-up rules ensuring your correct teams are always notified. Automation can also be configured to update consultant’s pipelines or run preliminary matches of suitable candidates already within your Adapt database. Right away, your consultants can see leads and job opportunities, a list of suitable candidates, and progress those warm opportunities. As a Manager, if you require ultimate control of this automation, rules can be applied whereby you are instantly alerted when certain conditions arise.

Turning up the volume

All recruitment agencies working to a recognisable volume of open opportunities from their clients ATS or VMS systems should consider automating their processes with Adapt Feed Manager. Yours could be the one that benefits from it the most.

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Oliver Perilli
Oliver’s career at Bond started in 1998 as a Software Trainer. In 1999 Oliver moved to Account Management, working closely with UK and international Bond Adapt clients. Oliver joined the Bond Adapt Sales team in 2005 as a Sales Executive and in 2008 progressed to Senior Sales Executive and Enterprise Practice Lead, specialising in global contracts for Bond Adapt.

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