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Posted by Adapt Newsroom | January 2, 2015 |
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DigquestionThere are so many groups on LinkedIn it can be confusing to decide which ones to join. Here we give our top five favourite groups that can really help, educate and inform the recruiter:

  1. Onrec Online Recruitment Network – with more than 8,900 members, this private group aims to share best practices in online recruiting and provide insight on game-changing talent management technologies around the world. Managed by the highly reputable Online Recruitment magazine, it is a great one to join. And with 77 discussions during the last week(1) alone, there is bound to be an interesting topic to comment on.
  1. The Undercover Recruiter – we like the fact that the Danish founder of this group took some inspiration from a well-known Danish brand to dub his group ‘Probably the Best Recruitment & Career in the World’. With more than 25,000 members, this group is also highly active with 40 discussions last week. Topics range from less-than-honest applicants, internal vs. external recruitment, the role of social, and corporate culture. A great all-rounder. 
  1. Recruitment Futurology – with almost 6,200 members, this group is the go-to place for everything to do with the evolution of online and social recruitment. With 31 discussions last week, topics include video interviewing tips and don’t miss our very own contribution on mobile recruiting.
  1. UK Recruiter Group – with just under 6,000 members, this group is the recruitment community epitomised. It’s very active with 57 discussions last week, ranging from topics such as job fraud to employee referral programmes. There are three sub-groups including the very niche Recruitment Software with 519 members, most of which are in senior positions. This one is great to talk about all things recruitment tech, right up our street!
  1. UK Recruitment Directors – if you are a recruitment director then this group is for you. The vast majority of its more than 2,300 members work at a very senior level (owner, VP, director). While the group only saw eight discussions last week, you can be assured they were highly relevant to the members.

This list is by no means exhaustive and we’d love to hear which LinkedIn groups you use on a daily basis. Please leave your suggestions in the comment box below.

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