Live Webinar: Using call recordings to improve recruitment efficiency

We are excited to announce our next webinar in conjunction with CloudCall. The webinar is designed to give insight into how their telephony integration can help you record calls, with candidates and clients, for monitoring and training purposes.

CloudCall helps to drive business performance with the ability to “click to call”, making calls directly from Adapt, automatically saving time and money, but more importantly increasing call volumes, directly improving conversion rates.

CloudCall delivers inbound screen popping into Adapt, giving your consultants the knowledge of whose calling in and taking them straight to their page within the system. The calls are recorded and stored straight into the system. This helps drives customer understanding but also transparency and compliance. Call recordings can be used to offer hands-on training for new consultants.

There are also call monitoring features – monitor, whisper or barge, which help managers and senior consultants to coach new consultants, as it provides the ability to listen in to their calls and advise them if they need help, without the caller knowing.

CloudCall is designed to deliver the most optimal calling solution with Adapt – call recordings and call monitoring for better training and induction of new consultants.

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Join us for our webinar to learn how CloudCall can help you: 
• Make calls directly from Adapt
• Record and store calls 
• Use call recordings for training purposes
• Improve consultant induction 

Subject: Better Induction for New Consultants with Adapt CRM and CloudCall
Date: Thursday 21st April 
Time: 10am (UTC- London)

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About our Presenter:

Jon Craven:

Jon has over 14 years’ experience within the communications and IT industry specialising in data centre, VoIP and CRM technologies. As a result of his wealth of knowledge he has been able to help many recruitment companies successfully improve their processes by utilising the best that technology has to offer.