Live Webinar: Using Icetrak for Business Critical Messaging

Posted by Adapt Newsroom | February 8, 2016 |
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We are excited to announce our next webinar in conjunction with Icetrak. This webinar is designed specifically to provide insight into how in the recruitment sector Icetrak’s text messaging might improve some of the ways you communicate with your candidates and workers.

If any of the following applies to you, join us for our free webinar with Icetrak:

• Our phone bill is always big but making calls is a critical part of our business.

• Emailing candidates is OK but sometimes it isn’t immediate enough for us or them

• We need a more discreet way of getting through to candidates than a direct phone call when it often isn’t convenient

• We’re in a very competitive market, we always need to contact people quickly

Register for our webinar today

Subject: Using Icetrak for Business Critical Messaging
Date: Friday 26th February
Time: 10 am (UTC – London)

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About Icetrak

Icetrak helps and supports hundreds of recruitment organisations reach out to their workforce and candidates hundreds of thousands of times a day. Using Icetrak’s one or two way text messaging solutions enable recruiters to engage quickly, discreetly, and efficiently with their candidates and workers. In an ultra competitive sector, a tangible and cost effective edge in communications can make the difference between placing the candidate or winning the contract. Icetrak provides a fast, secure and resilient service backed up by responsive, friendly and helpful support by phone and email.

About our presenter:

Denise Rigby joined Icetrak in 2005, starting as Customer Services Manager. She was influential in putting in place, or in some cases removing systems to improve and speed up communications with customers. With Icetrak’s strong focus in the recruitment sector, Denise was appointed Sales Manager in 2010 with responsibility for the recruitment sector clients.

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