Looking Through the Lens – The Rise of Video CVs

Posted by Adapt Newsroom | March 24, 2015 |
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VideoBlogAs the huge volume of candidate data held online and via social media continues to grow and the technology available to effectively search this data is further developed, it is no wonder candidates are turning to new media to stand out from the crowd. That’s why in 2015, being dubbed ‘The Year of the Candidate’, video CVs are becoming increasingly popular.

If the content is strong, a video CV can enhance your candidate’s job application by providing more insight into their personality and what they really have to offer. If great presentation skills are required for creative or customer-facing roles for example, a video CV can clearly demonstrate these.  Recruiters can also add value to clients by delivering video CVs alongside standard written ones and attaching videos to candidate records within their CRM for future searching.

Currently, when looking for ideal candidates within their database, recruiters can search written CVs using keywords and phrases, via a number of search technologies. We are now seeing capabilities where you can search keywords, phrases and even sentiment in video recordings and intelligently analyse the results. Advanced audio recognition, such as HP IDOL, is already enabling this, so it won’t be long before recruitment companies can benefit from this technology.

In recent years, one of our key clients pioneered video CVs in their sector and as there use continues to rise, many video CV production and sharing services claim to have thousands of active users, so recruiters who haven’t considered this avenue so far should take a closer look – with video you really can see a more diverse range of candidates and their personalities.

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