How To Maximise Revenue Using Bond Adapt – Part One

OP_Blog_One_200x200How do you make more placements and increase placement revenue?  Oliver Perilli, Senior Sales Executive, Bond International Software, shares his top money-making tips through a new series of unmissable blogs.  The first is packed with great advice on generating new business leads and attracting the best candidates – so you never miss an opportunity.  

Generate leads!

Leads are a great way to maximise your potential revenue.  You can easily create business development dashboards within Adapt Studios to effectively track your leads and opportunities.  It’s simple to drag and drop live feeds of data (known as widgets) into your Studios – giving you full visibility of all your leads in one central place.  You can also grade them and decide which to progress and convert into money-making jobs and placements.

Are you asking the right questions?

So, how do you acquire these leads?  Your candidates are a good place to start.  When you interview a candidate, either for a particular job or internally before presenting them to clients, remember to ask them lead generating questions.  Which interviews have they been to?  Who else have they seen?  Chip away a little and you can find out which roles are available at which companies.  If your candidate says they’ve recently interviewed for a job, you can create a lead for that job, add it to your business development pipeline, pitch for that business, present candidates and potentially gain a placement you wouldn’t have otherwise.


When candidates are placed, or reach certain points in the recruitment process, employers will request references.  Your candidates supply the references or referees and Adapt has workflow to support these processes.  When working to gather references, remember to consider using those references as leads and create them as such in Adapt.  There are always opportunities to create leads when carrying out workflow required elsewhere.

It’s good to talk…

Everyday phone conversations can also produce good leads.  Candidates might tell you their current company is recruiting, or they’re contracting for specialist people, or someone they know is leaving – these nuggets of information can easily become leads when handled in the right way.  In the Adapt phone conversation window, you can quickly click through to the leads window and create new leads.

Situation vacant?

Backfill leads also work very well.  When you place a candidate, that candidate has probably left their previous position vacant – this vacancy is your next backfill lead.  You can track backfill leads separately in Adapt Studios via a handy widget bristling with backfill lead data…as long as you keep gathering it.

Always be on the lookout for leads!  Quickly input new details (Adapt has lead creation buttons everywhere you need them to be), track them within your Studios and convert them into placements and commission.

Advertising works

When candidates apply for jobs, they do so through channels such as printed press, job boards, social media, websites, word of mouth or recommendations – there are many ways to attract the best candidates.  So when your client gives you a job specification, it’s up to you to decide how and where you’re going to advertise it. 

How do you decide where to advertise?

Intelligence about industry sectors, jobs, locations and the success of previous adverts is constantly gathered and tracked by Adapt.  Utilise this intelligence to steer you to the best places to advertise a particular role.  Adapt tracks which adverts and media candidates have applied from, generated CV submissions, interviews and placements.  It also calculates how much money has been made from a particular advert or media. 

Run a report in Adapt to find out which adverts and media are delivering not only the most applications, but the best candidates, most placements and most money.  Then act on it.

Generate opportunities, create leads, add them to your Adapt Studio and feed the sales process