How To Maximise Revenue Using Adapt – Part Two

Making_Money_part_2How do you make more placements and increase placement revenue? Oliver Perilli, Senior Sales Executive, Bond International Software, shares his top money-making tips through a new series of unmissable blogs.The second is packed with great advice on retaining clients and ensuring your candidate pool is up to date – so you’re always finding the best of the best. (view Part One here.)

Update candidate records

As more candidates submit CVs over time, especially online and via social media, databases continue growing and they can reach vast proportions.  You will have a valuable candidate pool within your system and a not so valuable candidate pool where you’re still holding CVs which are years old.  So Adapt provides tools to enable you to keep this information as up to date as possible. 

Adapt automatically tracks the dates on every candidate record.  When was that candidate last spoken to?  When was their record last updated?  And, most importantly, when was their CV last received?  By running simple searches and managing contacts, you can keep your database fresh. 

Don’t miss out!

You can search for all the candidates whose CVs you haven’t received in, say, the last six months and Adapt will give you a list.  Simply highlight this list of candidates from the batch menu and send them an eshot, or perhaps a link to your website reading ‘Please update your CV’.  Be sure to regularly contact your ‘out of date’ candidate pool and regenerate this valuable information.  Don’t miss out on your candidate’s latest experience or, worse, neglect to find out whether or not they’re looking for a new role. 

Adapt also has flexible options for managing the candidates who do not reply to your mails, enabling you to try different methods of communication or, if they don’t reply over a long period of time, potentially remove them from your database to keep it clean and up to date.

Have you forgotten your best candidate?

It’s possible a candidate in your database has been working in a role for a few years that’s similar to a role you’re currently recruiting for, but they won’t come up in your search results because you don’t know about their latest experience – which may make them the best candidate for the job.  Whereas your competitor may have an up to date CV for them and make the placement – a candidate on your database you haven’t even thought of.

Update client records

Make sure to always update your client records too.  Keep in contact with your clients so they’re fully aware of you and your business.  Adapt automatically tracks key dates on your client company records.  When were they last spoken to?  When did they last have a job opportunity?  When were they last visited? 

Stay on target!

It’s really simple to run company searches within Adapt.  Regularly ask the system to find the companies you haven’t spoken with in the last few days, weeks or months and use that information to maintain contact.  You can send these company lists mailshots or call them. 

Also search your client records by industry sector, grading and so on to make sure they’re all managed effectively.  Looking to target all your Grade A clients in a given market sector?  Run searches in Adapt and you’ll instantly have lists to contact, mailshot or start calling. 

Further InSight

Valuable opportunities and candidates can easily be missed when field or string (Boolean) searching because these techniques rely on users knowing and inputting the logic required to get the right results.  Recruiters using these searches need to remember all the terms candidates may use to express particular qualifications or experience on their CV – and these can be numerous, especially when working across multiple languages.

Find the meaning, not just the words…

Unique to Bond, Adapt InSight searches draw upon information from job specifications, attached file types such a as Word, PDF or any text format.  In just the click of a button, InSight will read the job specification, understand what it’s asking for, run searches (across different languages within global systems) and score the most suitable people for that particular role.

When you use Adapt InSight to search for candidates, whatever your knowledge and experience with keyword or Boolean searching, you will achieve results – more suitable candidates delivered by a system which finds the meaning, not just the words.

Utilise best practice and Adapt’s automation to maximise the return on your investment. If you missed Part One, you can check it out here