The latest addition to the Adapt platform: Adapt Reporter

Posted by Adapt Newsroom | September 29, 2017 |
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AdaptUX ReporterWe are pleased to announce the latest addition to Adapt, expanding the platform’s business intelligence reporting tools with Adapt Reporter.

Adapt Reporter is a flexible report designer and Business Intelligence solution that enables users to create, run and deliver custom reports to their preferred criteria and specifications; directly from the Adapt platform. This new solution is a feature-rich, self-service reporting solution that presents custom reports in visually appealing and easy to understand ways.

Adapt Reporter provides three extensive and flexible custom reporting options:

1. Express Reports

Adapt Reporter’s ‘Express Reports’ enable users to quickly and easily create tabular reports with real-time data from within Adapt. These reports can also be sorted, filtered, categorised and modified based on live streams of data from Adapt; allowing for many further structural alterations to reports produced in order to meet all bespoke reporting requirements.

Express Reports allow users to:

As users add new data fields to reports, the interactive preview from Adapt Reporter is updated and populated in real-time. The flexibility of the solution enables users to change the appearance of the page, add text, images, titles, headers, footers and fast-format pages using pre-built themes.

Also, as Adapt Reporter utilises live data from the Adapt database, users can edit and run reports whenever or wherever – making it simple to make even the subtlest of changes.

If you want to alter your report to access more functionalities, you can convert your Express Report to a Standard Report to utilise even more advanced features.

2. Standard Reports

While Express Reports focus on getting raw data in front of users as quickly as possible, Standard Reports offer greater flexibility and graphical representations for presenting data. Users can easily enhance images, maps and charts within reports by using the ‘Full Feature Design’ toolbar – accessing additional functions and animated visualisations, including:

3. Crosstab Reports and composite reports

Furthermore, if users are working remotely and need a report to be delivered on a deadline – Adapt Reporter can schedule reports for automatic emailing or archiving. All parameters, including time, recurrence and recipients can be set from the Report Scheduler tool, ensuring that reports are provided on time.

Adapt Reporter is the latest addition to the Adapt platform, delivering incredible compatibility and usability across multiple programs and languages.

Adapt Reporter can automate the process of merging data onto PDF, RTF and Excel templates and all language elements within Adapt Reporter can be translated into any language; making it incredibly easy to create reports for any client.

If you would like to know more about Adapt Reporter, please get in touch.

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