New eBook shows best practice advice for recruiters in the Year of the Candidate

Wherearewenow2015 has already been dubbed the ‘Year of the Candidate’, as growing economic confidence is shifting the power from the employer to the employee.

After years of economic uncertainty, which encouraged employees to stay in the same job and prompted employers to be cautious about making investments in new staff, the continued positive news is reinvigorating the employment market.

Social media, mobile and new employment legislation has changed the role recruiters since the last time the jobs market experienced any kind of frenzied activity.

This eBook discusses key industry changes, including search, and provides advice on how to take advantage of these to make your recruitment business stand out from the crowd.

New Recruitment Dynamic

One of the biggest changes affecting recruitment consultants is the new speed of turnaround.  According to the latest research, the recruitment process has contracted to just 87 days from start to finish. This shift has been driven by a number of factors, including:

The eBook also looks at the different ways consultants can stand out from the crowd to attract the right kind of candidates, including video interviews, feedback on the content of CVs and how the use of keywords can help, while providing psychometric testing to identify the best fit.

Providing a candidate centric approach within a 24-hour recruitment model and using the best technology is now fundamental to successful recruitment.

Download the eBook here to find out how consultants should respond to this changing environment.